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  1. They add another game for a frivolous appeal
  2. On his under the cosh interview there’s lots of piss taking about him being Dyche’s favourite. It’s obvious that managers love him.
  3. How many tickets do people expect to still be left in phase four?
  4. So Froggy’ll be here for the whole build up, aye? To give advice and tell jokes ‘n that?
  5. Hovagod


    They talk like such yokels about London.
  6. The thing is, we know now. So season ticket holders will just snap up every cup game ticket from now on.
  7. Is this confirmed? I’ve looked for season ticket numbers but can’t find out how many we have anywhere
  8. Really harsh on people like matey up there with 90 points but no cup games. Think phase one should have included anybody above fifty points
  9. I assume trust members were invited to give their own thoughts to the trust before they spoke with the club?
  10. Perhaps a nice throw rug
  11. Keep seeing this…when did they decide the ends? How do people know where to buy for?
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