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  1. Anybody else needs a ticket, I would be happy to help
  2. Mate has a spare for this if anybody is interested
  3. This is down to thirty now- if anybody can help me with one ticket please let me know
  4. I realise I just basically reworded your post, mate- but, yes, I agree.
  5. It's frustrating because it means it's impossible for those without loyalty points (perhaps even those who previously had a shit ton, ahem) can never 'gain ground' so to speak. They should lower daily- that way it's fair for everybody.
  6. What's the usual period between the requirement dropping? I've been scanning this one for ages, and it's been on ten forever.
  7. These go on sale tomorrow for those with 50 points or more. If you are not going, but would like to help me and get a loyalty point for your troubles, please get in touch
  8. Yep- I would be happy to help if drops to zero as well
  9. Hello everybody. If anybody not going to this one would like to donate their season ticket number that would be much appreciated. Please P.M.
  10. Hello. There's a ticket going for this match in the East stand paddock, for whatever the price is there for this game. You will need to be able to pick it up from South Shields- dropping off the cash. (I'm out of the country.) Anybody who's interested can P.M. me.
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