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  1. Have been watching a lot of series on Netflix and Hulu. You guys might definitely try The Handmaid's Tale. It has an interesting plot that will make you want to watch more. Each episode also has an intense conflict between the character, especially in the 3rd season. On Netflix, had a great time watching The Mist and The Rain. Just series that will make you wonder how the leads will survive against an enemy or creature that can't see. Also had a good time watching the series of unfortunate events. Did not expect that I will have a great time watching it since it is not really the type of serie
  2. The film that I recently watched is on Netflix, The Call. At first, I am not really convinced since it looks like a cliche horror movie. But I was wrong! It actually a good movie. Did not expect how things would turn out especially that they already know what will happen if they work together to change the future. Shin Hye also did a great job in portraying the character, once again. Actually, the movie had good actors that will definitely make you watch the movie and not be disturbed by anyone else. Honestly like the plot and how it turned out.
  3. There is no doubt that the recent games made an uproar in the online world especially now that we can't physically attend to the games. So far, I do think that Liverpool is doing a great job in the field. Well, also been watching out for their next games especially Steve Bruce. I don't know, it is somehow entertaining to watch him hahaha. Got bored the other day and decided to search his name up. Surprising to see that I saw this https://betx.com/2021/01/24/frank-lampard-and-steve-bruce-premier-league-sack-race-favourites/ lol did not really expect it tho. You guys might wanna check i
  4. I have a feeling that it will be sold when football eventually resumes with fully packed stadiums. Hopefully, there are no issues when it comes fans in stadiums seen because they are deeply missed to be honest. There are a lot of teams that benefit from their home crowd highlighted by Liverpool who has been immense while playing at Anfield which is place that they have not lost in for more than a year. It is amazing to see that but that may all change with the game against United in the coming Matchday.
  5. I don't have it with me right now but it looked like Rafa had some good performances in the past few months of his stint with Newcastle. There are a lot of problems in the the tracking because football is not a simple sport to track stats. However, people need to realize that he was so much better than what Steve Bruce is doing right now because they were at least competing for a good spot in the league and he was the one who stuck with Newcastle during the season they were relegated. It is tough for that to happen with the current lineup but there are sill some potentail to grow from any othe
  6. I am very much excited for the next matchweek as Liverpool are going up against Manchester United which has the potential to be the premier title decider when points are to beieved. However, there are some teams that are creepnig behind them with Man City trying to break it down due to opposing defences. There are a lot of people who are looking forward for this rivalry as well as the history that it has played over the past decade. Of course, the Magpies still have my full support but let's face it, we don't have a chane for that title anytime soon.
  7. I haven't watched any series or movies for a long time. It's been mostly games for me recently.
  8. I like em grilled and toasty. you did a fantastic job not going to lie.
  9. I still want this to succeed. I mean I fucking hate it but I'm willing to wait... or was willing to wait because it seems CDPR is going bankrupt with all of these lawsuits on their ass. I want them to complete the game, I really do. but I am not optimistic.
  10. EmmaStone


    It is really amazing what games are available for VR now. However, I am still waiting for a ffull RPG experience! I won't mind the next Fallout game being in VR! Imagine Cyberpunk or Farcry being VR!
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