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  1. Er... Vilca? The Peruvian youngun?
  2. Seems like all we are doing is alerting other clubs to players that may be available.
  3. I prefer Incursion.
  4. Christ thats a blast from the past
  5. Standing is for dirty bastards
  6. Lazarus


    Im not even gonna pretend to understand whats going on but isnt Ukraine a nuclear power? And while their not full on members of NATO, they do sort of have their foot in the door? ie theyve started the process to join?
  7. Lazarus

    Energy prices

    Fixed deal unfortunately. No harm in asking though...
  8. Lazarus

    Energy prices

    No idea - never heard of them.
  9. More Nonce Squad than Suicide Squad tbh.
  10. Lazarus

    Energy prices

    Its easiest to ask, or check here https://www.findmysupplier.energy/ If no joy there - contact your network operator and they will advise - https://www.energynetworks.org/operating-the-networks/whos-my-network-operator
  11. Just remembered Wacky the midget from Walker - does he still post?
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