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    That Owen fee must be adjusted for inflation or something
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    Your Pet Hates

    Ive got some surge protectors I want rid of - Belkin PF40's - but dont wanna lose 13% in fees plus whatever else I lose via paypal. I went on ebay to set up the listing and Ive realised I havnt bought anything in months and months and my last feedback received was over a year ago. So its sitting as a draft while I wait for a final fee offer to appear. Could probably just put them on Gumtree or something and save all the bother.
  3. Fonseca now favourite??
  4. Martinez might be canny if we can also bring in a specialist defensive coach (not Lawrenson). Reading up on AVB - he seems to have matured a fair bit so could be an option. After Bruce, I'm really warming to the idea of someone young, fresh and modern in the role.
  5. All they did was slow the game down - so simple.
  6. Get rid of Monster Munch in the dugout. Get the players training full time. Maybe we can scrape a draw
  7. Obviously everyone will about Ericksen and how he pulled through but its not always a given. Hope whoever it is is OK
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    Total bottle job. Reckon he filled his strides at the thought of mixing with the good folk there.
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    Like you don't know!
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    Is he still alive?
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