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  1. Tense first half. Foden looks rediculous with that hair. Looks like that bell end from Scooter.
  2. https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/big-short-michael-burry-twitter-return-biggest-market-bubble-ever-2021-6-1030524823
  3. I would gladly go into a food coma for that
  4. Lazarus


    Yeah , they choose which bits fit best into their narrative structure. I met a woman, maybe mid 50's ish up in backworth after meeting a mate for a pint a few weeks back and she was completely batshit but calm and reasonable in the way she spoke. Hollow earth, trump, vaccines, 5G, the bible, space aliens, all sorts of crap just woven into what mustve been a 20 - 30min monologue. I actually interupted her at one point and said that Backworths Care in the Community budget needs increasing and she just smiled and carried on.
  5. @BlueStar Can you not ask to be referred elsewhere? Or make a formal complaint?? Ive never been in the position of being unhappy with any treatment so I'm unsure how you might proceed. I know that COVID is dominating everything healthcare wise at the moment but you'd think there'd be a 'what happens now' option even if it means going on a waiting list.
  6. Lazarus


    Good explanation. The amount of keyboard warriors who became keyboard scientists seems to have died down a bit, at least on my facebook. The batshit hardcore are still there unfortunately.
  7. Lazarus


    Ive been gone from the civil service about 10 years now and it was shite then. New contracts dished out to everyone recently too which have further eroded any so called privileges we used to get. The ministry group on facebook is full of disgruntled staff, and i mean FULL.
  8. Have to admit - If Rafa has been offered the jerb at Everton Id be hugely disappointed. I can understand him doing it 100% and Ive no doubt he will win round their fans. Rafa is/was such a good fit for us though
  9. Thats what we play on here isnt it?
  10. https://www.instagram.com/boutinela/
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