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    Tokyo 2020

    Watching the beach volleyball. Their in a huge arena but theres nee one there. Deserted. Lili and Elsa are goddesses by the way.
  2. Worlds biggest gape. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13163328/connecticut-woman-worlds-biggest-mouth-tik-tok-video/
  3. Lazarus

    Tokyo 2020

    Is softball the one that has the lightning fast underarm bowl?
  4. Crypto market seems to be in recovery so I thought I'd do a little post of some of the coins/tokens I've put my money in as I have a day off. Disclaimer: this is not financial advice and do your own research 1) Amp (AMP) - Blockchain transaction insurance. 2) Decentraland (MANA) - Online VR world, one plot sold for $900k last month. 3) Everipedia (IQ) - Encyclopedia 4) Nervos Network (CKB) - Universal app builder regardless of blockchain 5) Moon Nation Game (MNG) - Blockchain based RPG. 6) Rook (R0ok) - Mental health charity. 7) ChainCade
  5. That probably means theyve said 'you can have 100m over 5 years or you can have 80m now' or whatever
  6. Lazarus

    Stag Ideas

    Dress him as a UNESCO official.
  7. Why handicap ourselves by trying to improve?
  8. Lazarus

    Your Pet Hates

    Aye, that copyright will run forever
  9. Lazarus

    Your Pet Hates

    If i remember rightly, the copyright for Micky Mouse expires in a couple of years after being extended a few times already.
  10. Lazarus

    Your Pet Hates

    When your bathroom sink is too close to the toilet and your bare back accidently touches the freezing cold side of the sink in the middle of the night.
  11. Unruly is a good description. Its quite thick too. Cant be arsed with styling it at the moment but that might change depending on trampy it gets
  12. On my neck they grow every which way -- straight out, up, down, left, right
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