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  1. Need a big fucking guillotine to chop that fat cunts head off
  2. To be honest I don’t think the new owners will give two fucks about the media’s opinions.
  3. Cunt Edwards is strangely quiet tonight, when he's usually busting a gut to protect his mate.
  4. Unless he's still there on Saturday - don't for a second think he will be mind.
  5. I agree and you can add Lampard to that also. I think it will possibly be either Martinez or Gerrard (outside shot Potter), which I don't think are the best fit either. All better than Bruce and under Ashley I would have probably said fine with any of the four (Potter I'm so so on, but better options than the others I have named). Diferent proposition now, hopefully the full project can be fully demonstrated and the money available may get us a manager to take us forward the next three years.
  6. Unfortunately I think you maybe right. Ashley and Bruce have left us in a position where I don't think we will get a manager of the level required, and I'm not convinced players of any quality will come either if our position doesn't improve come January. I know anyone is an improvement on Bruce, but does anyone really think the likes of Emery will be enticed by our current position. I really hope we're both wrong.
  7. As mentioned during the commentary, the fact that 5 of the starting line were from the Championship side and grew to 6 with the introduction of Shelvey, tells you everything you need to know about the current issues.
  8. I agree it was disgusting by the players in front of a sell out crowd. Nearly every player needs to be moved on and replaced quickly and that is a massive job for the consortium. We knew this though to be fair.
  9. To me in the second half it looked like the players totally downed any limited tools they had. It was horrendous the lack of actual effort in the second half.
  10. Have they got a replacement lined up?
  11. We need to be in touching distance (or above the relegation spot) come January. Currently unless there is a big change, I can see the bottom 3 currently and possibly Watford, with at least a two or three game (6-9 points) gap to the rest of the teams. Could even be more. Got to get him out by tomorrow and a new structure in place asap.
  12. If you watch Brentford last night compared to this complete utter shambles, it’s actually frightening the difference with tactics, coaching and effort
  13. The lack of effort on that pitch is unforgivable
  14. Get rid of the whole coaching staff (including Jones), the defence is shit, but that midfield also is allowing Spurs to walk the ball past them every time. Pressed for the first ten minutes and then stood off for the rest of the game. Fucking basics all over the pitch not being carried out. He has to go tonight!
  15. Just love to see us get a win or even a result. Lost count the number of times over the years where everything is set up great and then the result is shit. Fingers crossed this time
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