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  1. Rice was on a different level today. Paqueta was good first half, but faded in the second. Rice was excellent throughout
  2. I think you need to read Maguire's piece on it. Commercial revenue will already have increased with the sleeve sponsorship and the partnership deals for 2022-23. We will see for this years accounts later on when they're released.
  3. Read Maquire's piece on it. 2021-22 accounts have not been released either and you're forgetting the owners have put money into the club this last year. I don't know where you're getting the 50 million figure from as the operating loss for the previous published accounts 2020-21 was £13.7 min
  4. I think you need to read Kieran Maguire's summary of FFP. Covid also had an effect which lessened losses during that period and adjusted financial figures for FFP
  5. They're not though and this is without the sponsorship/commercial deals still to come through
  6. Typical the two players you need to change that game are the two players missing. I still maintain that a massive opportunity was missed during the window
  7. Need to sort it out or I can see a defeat. Max is offering nothing he's hugging the line and making no runs at all. Hopefully Howe gives them a rocket
  8. Longstaff at Blackpool went ok also
  9. Unfortunately for them they have to give an accurate crowd for a cup game. Their excuses are laughable mind
  10. Total cunt I hope somebody reports him to the club and his season ticket is taken off him (if it's not a scam)
  11. Grumpy Old Cunt is praying that human rights issues will be included and our owners will be banned as a result.
  12. https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/new-football-charter-on-club-owners.1599523/page-3 I see Grumpy Old Cunt desperately trying to convince himself and his faux outrage buddies, that a new regulator will stop PIF from being unable to own the club. Wonder if he got advice off his PhD son
  13. Fucking hell I think I've just found a forum even worse than RTG for the amount of utter pricks
  14. It will be the home kit I would imagine as no clash with Man U apart from the socks. Maybe a coin toss to see which team gets preference with this
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