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  1. aye he looked impressive as he did when I watched a Chelsea game towards the back end of the season. What I found funny was that Lee Dixon was slaughtering him for the first 15 minutes of the game. Mind never liked Dixon since the Ginola carry on in the league cup match down there.
  2. Pretty sure that in a lot of legal cases in general that deals are agreed to avoid court action. So I think that would be a yes.
  3. This decision could be massive, and in my opinion the first genuine indicator of whether the NUFC (Ashley) and the legal team actually have solid and incriminating evidence in their actual case. It’s still not certain even then that the case would still be won, but if the Premier League request for the case to be basically thrown out is rejected, then it is least a positive sign that the judge making the decision thinks there is enough evidence/argument for a court /legal panel (do not know where the case goes) to consider and make a judgement. If the Premier League succeed, then
  4. Be interesting to know how much money is spent on a average season in general by Netflix. Sure it will be out there if I bothered to look mind. Amazon seem to be (prepared and are) to pay mega bucks for future shows (the upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel for example - was certainly an eye opener with the figures discussed. I know Netflix must spend decent money on Ozark, Better Call Saul and The Crown), so be interesting to find out how much against their competition. Amazon have a huge advantage of getting subscriptions with the free package delivery including in the bundle. I’ve got both mi
  5. loved the first season was disappointed with the second season, quality of the overall look was still excellent, just thought the storylines for most were pretty dull. Was gutted as I really enjoyed season 1 and been really looking forward to season 2 arriving.
  6. it is brilliant, only moan I would have is the lack of players from the 50s and earlier. I might have missed him (as couldn’t pick him out when I looked - be better seeing a much larger print mind), but couldn’t see Len White who scored 153 goals for the club and my mother who went to all the games and got my brother and I season tickets with her as soon as we were the right age to go (my dad was in the merchant navy and away 10 months of the year as most fans would be introduced by their father) said that he was outstanding. Also would argue a few are not really worthy of being included (just
  7. I think this may well be happening as from looking like an imminent announcement it’s gone very quiet. We know Ashley doesn’t give a fuck what we think, but most other clubs are very much in mind of the opinion of their support especially when this is very vocally displayed. No better example of this than the English ‘Super League’ outcry. When the vast majority of your fans are against the appointment of the person who is in charge of the team, it’s very hard to ignore. Doesn’t matter that our fans think he’s a good choice. Everton fans simply don’t want him and that has to be making the Ever
  8. I used to watch, but find it now an absolute fuckfest. I sometimes watch the Gibbo/Supermac part as that is really only focussed on the team. Both have decent stories from days gone by also. The one positive is that there is a decent amount of cash raised for the food bank, which is genuinely a great thing. The podcasts themselves especially the now ‘Fab 4’ I just find unwatchable.
  9. It’s probably Bruce going through each club’s menu to see which ones offer the cheapest bacon sarnies
  10. isn’t the Premier League’s request to basically dismiss the CAT case (due to it being already covered in the arbitration - their argument), still being deliberated by the judge? Think someone (with legal knowledge) on here thought it may take up to two weeks. Tomorrow is one week since they presented their evidence/arguments/whatever, so maybe back end of next week or the beginning of the following week for the decision to be made. I apologise if this is wrong (if so can someone put me right) as have not been really looking at takeover related posts or media info the last week or so.
  11. worst ground in the premiership especially for away fans. They have been needing a new ground for years. Always thought it funny that their fans do not like like us for no real reason. Bit like Villa fans in that regard.
  12. normally I would say no brainier as you would get money coming in and as you say probably save wages. Also think most would agree that Willems would have been ahead of Ritchie when he was here. However, the fact that he has not played any games (I don’t think he has anyway or certainly very very few) since the injury has me thinking it’s just too much of a risk signing, unless it was a structured deal with an initial 1 year attached. The fact he would obviously be looking for a longer deal, means in my opinion anyway I would not take the risk.
  13. yeah that is annoying especially when you see it’s just the exact same crack which has been argued over and over this last year
  14. he’s the one person for me who even ranks at a lower mark that Edwards and that is saying something.
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