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  1. Honestly I think he’s looked very average at best at Leicester.
  2. Do you think? I think by and large Perez has been pretty average when I’ve seen him play for Leicester. He’s nearly always on the bench now also.
  3. Actually for the first time in months had a gander at Edward’s tweets, fuck me he has had a full meltdown tonight
  4. I refused to watch even though there was a link from someone streaming at the game on on Facebook. I did send it to my nephew who watched the game and he just said one word ‘worrying’ when I asked him how we played just now.
  5. Honestly, he is not only the worst sports journalist there is, but he is an absolute cock to go with it. I can honestly see someone giving him a backhander next season if he goes to a home match.
  6. Fuck that would love to see those fuckers relegated as can't stand Everton
  7. I'll go one step further, they all will be laughing their tits off about what is happening with us.
  8. As I said earlier, Ashley won't do a thing until it has ran it's course, so there won't be any new deal sorted. Best just to switch off totally until the day we see a statement saying a takeover has been done (if another shit owner then comes in just keep switching off). For all those who can't switch off, fine, more fool you.
  9. He was also saying he would have to check with the 'QCs' if the Premier League could appeal any jurisdiction decision; despite being heavily involved and being (allegedly) involved in anti-competition cases . He is just a total bullshitter and I think even Wraith maybe has just clicked onto that also.
  10. I'm still not sure how it's going to pan out eventually, but it's a kick in the balls for sure, that it's just being kicked down the road time and time again by the Premier League. I, like you though, was certainly hoping at the start of the month for an ending either way. First arbitration and now CAT has seen the end of that.
  11. I think it's because he's totally believed the bullshit from Keith that the CAT case will go before the arbitration; this is the confirmation that it probably won't.
  12. Would advise everyone to just switch off (in my case totally). Nothing is going to happen until the legal cases are finished. Ashley isn't going to suddenly say it's off until then after investing millions; and he certainly isn't going to look at other buyers until the cases are done either.
  13. Well he never done much all the times he was on loan mind.
  14. I can't see that, as surely they wouldn't be releasing those details; if that was their intention. It's the only thing that would probably get noticed though, as the rest of the stuff will be off the field, not enough people involved and barely reported by the National papers
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