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  1. Abusive seems to be your key word? When is the gender reveal party I wonder? Listen, dont engage with my posts if you dont like them, simple as. Stop with you're patronizing holy than tho virtue signalling nonsense. Id imagine you're the kind of bloke always talking shit about girls boyfriends just so you might have a chance at getting with them yourself. Jog on and grow a pair. Don't quote me again
  2. Yes, Manxst, thanks for saving me, also, I bow down to your superior footballing knowledge. You're a sanctimonious little jumped up twat who wouldn't dare of spouting your arrogant posts to my face. Jog on.
  3. Jesus wept, seriously, abusive, you wouldn't know the meaning of the word. It's an online forum for gods sake.
  4. Whatever his name is at this stage, Ten Hag, apologies. Don't want to offend your idol
  5. So what he has he won in Europe for Ajax? Also, are you trying to claim you know what goes on behind the scenes at Ajax now? Newcastle is my club too, probably before you were even in nappies. Stop living in dreamworld in relation to Ken Tag, first of all, he's not that good and secondly, he's not the manager we need at this moment in time. If he actually win's something of note outside of Dutch football, come back to me
  6. Rodgers did & has done exceptionally well with both Liverpool & Leicester. He's British, he knows the league inside out. Also, where did I say I didnt rate Ten Hag, I said he's not as good as some posters are making out. Good success in europe & a superior Dutch league, wtf are ya on about? He's limited success in europe, never actually won anything & the Dutch league is not so superior. One of those snarky posters picking out one aspect of my post ya little rat
  7. The Ole appointment is understandable, he's a former hero and after their previous experience with top managers, maybe they wanted to go down a different route. Not anymore though, ole has proven to be worst then both of them. Won zero. Rodgers won alot at Celtic and has done extremely well with Leicester over the last few seasons, very unlucky to miss out on cl football. Also, he came extremely close to winning Liverpool the league aswell. He knows the league, English is his first language, much safer punt than Ken Tag.
  8. Are you that naive to believe he developed that talent on his own? Seriously, Ajax have had a long history of developing youth players, Kluivert, Davids, Seedorf, RijKaard, Van Baasten. And all of a sudden you think he just came along and developed all of this amazing talent, read up on your footballing history. Ajax have a long history of developing fantastic youth players irrespective of who the manager is. On top of this, Ajax are not a top Cl club anymore, knocked in the group stages the last two years. Before that lucky to get to the semis and then beaten by spurs. I don't kn
  9. Because they could likely have Conte, Zidane if they wanted to. Serial winners not just as players but as managers too. Not some manager who looks the business but still has only done it in the Eredivise. United whether we like it or not is still one of the richest/most attractive clubs in the world, a bad decision in their appointment as a manager will have a knock on effect in the stock market even. They're going to take a punt on Ten Hag
  10. I havent been proved wrong because he still hasnt been considered whatsoever for the job at United if that ever did become vacant. And is highly unlikely to ever be either. You've thrown out a load of clickbait website articles with little to no concrete information to back up your " he was courted by Man United" claims. Truth was, he has never been & is highly unlikely to be. Don't believe whatever garbage you read online.
  11. The way it should be. Just because some low level media sources have linked him with United, does it mean he will have a chance in hell of getting that job? no. Their jobs are to attract clicks or subscriptions not to deal with the cold reality that he has never been courted by United & would never be seriously be considered by them.
  12. No, its not, they sit 9th in La Liga, currently sit third in their cl group behind Benfica, would be very very lucky to even qualify for the last 16. Still a hugely expectant fan base & board. It's a terrible job for any up and coming manager. Not to mention, hardly any money to spend either.
  13. Plenty more rags, try and improve your so called sources. The metro ffs
  14. So about one decent newspaper out of the lot of them, the telegraph & they are merely speculating, not at all suggesting he's being courted. Truth is, he doesnt have a hope in hell of getting that job, its either Rodgers/Conte/Zidane. No way would they take a punt on him after Ole.
  15. I said Man United, read back my post again, Barcelona is a poisoned chalice. Any manager with an ounce of cop on would avoid that job like the plague
  16. Where's your sources so? Since you seem convinced he's next in line to be the new manager of Man United. I'll call out who I like.
  17. You have any proper sources for him being courted by Manu besides the red tops?? I seriously doubt it. Also, Barcelona is a job that no top level manager wants these days unless you're off your rocker, literally no money to spend and a squad full of dissiliussioned players who don't even know if they'll be paid. Martinez who is pretty ordinary to say the least is being linked with them. I wouldn't be using that as an example if I was you.
  18. Yah he did well with FC Utrect in the bundesliga but not much else. Again, not writing him off but he's not the type of manager we need now. Favre or Benitez anyday over him.
  19. Never said he was a bad manager, just not right for us at this stage. A tad over rated imo, Dutch football is very different to the pl as many players & coaches have found out over the years. He's not someone we should be taking a punt on in a relegation scrap in the biggest league in the world.
  20. Ill wash your mouth out though to stop you from talking nonsense as you usually do
  21. Yes, with a pretty impressive team including De Jong, De Ligt, Van Der Beek amongst many other good players, finished second in their group ahead of Athens & Benfica. Knocked out in semi's by Spurs, I'm not knocking him too much but we need a different type of manager now. That's why I'm not sold on the appointment of Fonseca either, too idealistic in their style of football. Lesser forms of Pep & Klopp at best. Not what we need at this moment in time. With Benitez, we know he's going to organise the defence & make us a much more difficult team to score against which
  22. I dont get this mad love for Ten Haag, yes, very successful in a much inferior Dutch league but what else has he done to be considered a future top manager. I wouldnt go near him, if we can't get Benitez, then Favre all day long, someone who'll be able to organise the defense, play a decent style of football & save us from relegation, that's the most important thing. Not in a million years will he(Haag) get the United job, even if Sojskaer is sacked. The summer for us is a whole different matter, thats a time when we can take our time and make sure we get the appointment right
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