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  1. It's a massive coop arsenal were sniffing round him this is a statement signing for us. Give city a good run for their money then get one of the hottest prospects in Europe.
  2. Wait are people complaining about this transfer?
  3. Fuckin hell I've just got the biggest erection ever
  4. Gazzaschicken


    A bit shit how every saudi boxing event has had the main event at like 9pm but this fight has to have ring walks at 11pm
  5. Gameweek 3 Tottenham v Wolves 2:0 Crystal Palace v Aston Villa 1:1 Everton v Notts Forest 0:1 Fulham v Brentford 1:2 Leicester v Southampton 2:1 Bournemouth v Arsenal 0:2 Leeds v Chelsea 0:2 West Ham v Brighton 2:1 Newcastle v Man City 0:2 Man United v Liverpool 0:2 Double: Leeds Vs Chelsea
  6. Aston Villa 0-0 Everton Arsenal 2-0 Leicester Brighton 1-2 Newcastle Man City 5-0 Bournemouth Southampton 2-1 Leeds Wolves 3-2 Fulham Brentford 2-1 Man United Nottm Forest 0-2 West Ham Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham Liverpool 2-0 Crystal Palace Man city double points
  7. Honestly watch it just watching people try and get as much red cedar as possible is pretty therapeutic.
  8. Nostalgia when watching Limp Bizkit fuckin loved it
  9. You are in a prime position to binge the whole thing. It took me a few goes tbh think I watched the first 2 episodes like 4 times but it's definitely worth persevering. Mind you I've started watching BB again and skipped the entire first season cause it's just such slow going.
  10. Big timber on Netflix, easy watching and stress reliever. 2nd season is abit repetitive tho
  11. "Newcastle aren't even a good team they almost got relegated last season" Notts Forrest are a shit team and will get relegated this season
  12. Yeap he's found the balance between selfish and teamwork. Going to be class for us this season if he keeps this up.
  13. Top half don't think that's unfair.no way we are getting top 7 imo but who knows. As long as there's a clear gap in all things football from the bottom 6-8 clubs in the league it's progress
  14. Just read the thread. They are the deluded one. We aren't that good of a side we almost got relegated last season? Got a new manager signed 5 players then we're 3rd in the form tbale and finished 11th. We haven't done that much transfer activity, sorry we haven't signed 12 players this summer like them. Their style of football will be a shock to us....youse are in the premier League now kiddos doesn't matter how you played last season. One of them says it will be a 3 nil win to them and they will blow us away.
  15. Crystal Palace 0-2 Arsenal Fulham 0-3 Liverpool Bournemouth 1-0 Aston Villa Leeds 0-1 Wolves Newcastle 3-1 Notts Forest Spurs 3-0 Southampton Everton 0-2 Chelsea Leicester 1-1 Brentford Man United 1-0 Brighton West Ham 1-3 Man City I'll nominate Spurs v Southampton for double points
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