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  1. Not at all, just common sense. A reflection on all this and on your intention in the transfer market. I think you've got the wrong profile of players to target. Bringing out players like DC or Botman is not easy, and if it's not easy it means it's too expensive. From my point of view I think that in this first stage of your new era you should opt for a profile of players with potential and a step below the top players in Europe. There are players with brutal potential in second-tier teams that are much more accessible and that would allow you to
  2. Again, this never happen. Kounde, for example. Almost every year, and thanks god. Nope if you have a release clause, welcome to Spain.
  3. The key is that we don't have transfer request here, you are free to go whenever, just have to pay the release clause. Sometimes this is nice for the player, We sold Kondogbia or Fazio just for 10m cause this was their release clause and, for example, Messi's was 1000m, He could not leave ever without Barca permission. You used to Something there that here is different. These theories about sad players who plays under their level cause the club doesn't let go never happen before, this would be against them too. Mbappe, Cristi
  4. Has Kounde doubled his salary? Is his level surprisingly decreased? Answer.
  5. Sevilla don't have to doubled anything, He signed a contract three years ago, probarly Sevilla improves his salary but nothing like that. He can press like every player who tried to press in the past, if you want go to a New club He just have to pay his release clause. That easy. DC looks for himself and Sevilla too. If DC breaks his leg in a million pieces tomorrow we'd have to pay his salary because we signed a contract years ago, when He signed this release clause seems very happy.
  6. This is not gonna happen for sure, Monchi is not playing with you, He is just trying to make the Best squad. Can we keep the UEL at least? His decline maybe least three years, three years of a solid defense and playing CL taking a lot of money. Fernando was in his decline three years ago and in the middle time we won another UEL and three CL quialifications.
  7. Maybe in summer 45, right now impossible. And We always talking about win la liga but we need to get the pass to the next CL, if we get it we take like 50/60m and without DC the situation would be dangerous.
  8. Football is win every match, especially for fans. If we win la liga I personally send to you even the sperm of DC if you desire, imagine as fan if I care if his value goes to ZERO. And Monchi is a fan too.
  9. Nope, Chelsea was bidding a low offer, trying to exchange some players like Zouma but their offer never reach €45m and Sevilla was willing 60/70 for Kounde. They didnt try any move until alsmot the deadline and the player only could have gone to Chelsea paying his release clause. And btw, we didn't doubled his wage and He is playing like always.
  10. Or He can sign a New contract and play CL next season. Not bad for him when He was so close to sign almost for the same wage. DC has a contract with us for a few years more, We dont have to pay anything else if any club pay his release clause, but probarly Monchi try to improve his contract, not double, for sure. And yeap, We have the Best financial situation along Real and maybe Bilbao, we can pay for the Martial loan with any sale.
  11. Sevilla didnt ask for a bid and DC was almost signing his New contract. Sevilla doesn't risk anything but to get the Best team possible.
  12. The same I am telling you for days. The bid have to be out of market to be accepted for Sevilla because our situation and the market. Not less than 50.
  13. English media was totally wrong about prices since the beggining. It is absolutly impossible that Sevilla said that €30m was a fair prices. Even 50 is a bit far away. I said a few days ago, and I was surprised reading your press and tweets because here we know exactly the amount of money you would need to take him. It was a matter of giving hope just because, obviously, if you offer 3 times wages to the player he would like to go, but I don't think that your offer to Sevilla were even close to what you'd need.
  14. Right now I doubt so much We let him go for 45m. Just think. We are shorts of CBs, Kounde is injured and not in his Best time here, We are going 2nd place, 4p under Real and we have the UEL final in our stadium and this is winter window. Now imagine is your team, Would you sell your starter CB for 45m? Would be nice. Maybe It is a good excuse to improve my writing, I lost everything since I left Bournemouth. 99% We'll do it. It is our financial policy. We sell high and buy low. As always. If It is true you are off
  15. We didnt heard any offer from spurs here, LoCelso is a great player but He is not what we need right now. Problem here is 60/70m and the substitute.
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