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I Don't Think Shearer Will Return. (yet)

Crumpy Gunt

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If it goes *tits up and Shearer is part of the regime then he'll be cleared out with everyone else and he'll never realise his dream of managing the Toon.


As long as he steers clear of any real involvement he'll very likely move into the hot seat at the next time of asking.


Shearer is self centred enough to know what he'll be risking.


*I hope not!

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I think he'd be right to stay away


But if Keegan gets us to where he wants then Sherer should come in once Keegan feels he's achieved what he wanted too so as to carry on the legacy!


Can't wait for the match tomorrow! Then going out with the lads after should be a cracking day as we will win!


Believe enough and things will happen

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