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Keegan & the Training Pitch

Guest Knightrider

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Guest Knightrider

From what I remember of his first spell as manager his training centred around small sided games, shooting practice and "challenges" i.e. crossbar challenge, things like that. Rarely worked on the defence in terms of tactics but unlike a lot of managers, had defenders, midfielders and attackers all grouped as one basically. I.e. defenders would do shooting practice and SSGs too, as with 'keepers.


Maybe Speccy can illuminate what KK's training methods entailed at City?


Will he go back to those ways or will things be vastly different? Do they need to be?


I remember reading a few things from City fans how some players under him considered his methods old fashioned but from what I gather Wenger bases most of his training on small sides games too, as does Fergie and Sven. In fact Man Utd's academy bases most of their training on small sided games too.

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Guest LucaAltieri

I love you man but please stop starting new threads, were all excited but this is too much..


It's Friday night. It's 10.30... we have an "I love you man" ... there you have it kids; don't drink and type.

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