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The Players Revolt


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When I first heard of players apparently uniting behind Keegan, I was a bit proud, thinking Keegan's loyalty has given us the band of brothers spirit and how we would come out of this all the stronger, but reflecting further I'm not so sure. Firstly, the players being championed were Barton, Smith and Owen. All earning big money, two providing little value for massive wages, and the third refusing to commit beyond this season.


Milner was another who didn't think he was getting enough money and was (rightly) shown the door. How does this affect team spirit? What about newer team members arriving on lower wages like Xisco, Jonas etc? Do the big earners feel resentful that cheaper labour is being drafted in threatening their bloated salaries? Does Duff feel threatened? Does Smith? Does Viduka?


Well they fucking well should the spongeing fucking bastards.

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This is basically what the new regimes gripe is.


I think Ashley and his team took a look at them all through last season and thought to themselves, hang on a minute these lot are on how much? And for doing what exactly?


They were all a bloddy disgrace performance wise last year, and I am in no doubt the new regime felt like they could replace them all with better players who would cost less and would be on smaller wages.


Jonas has proved this, Coloccini is already proving this, guthrie is already proving this, bassong certainly looks like he could also.


Unfortunately for them, I think they wrongly assumed that they could easily convince Keegan of this strategy. However I think Keegan strongly believes in having some players who are premiership experienced, but this is very hard to achieve for the kind of price range and salary range the new regime wanted.


Hence the big issues. An absolute mess.


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