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  1. Think his Willock begging over the last few months is the most cringe. "Will Arsenal let us buy him?" "Can we get him on loan if no one else buys him first?" "If I offer to walk Arteta's dog for a month will he unblock me on WhatsApp?"
  2. What does £100m buy you when you are coming up from the championship? Leeds finished 9th when most pundits would have backed them to be in a relegation scrap. He could spend another £100m this season and you would still say he has no chance of winning anything, that's how far everyone else is behind the big players. He's not going to be considered one of the greats because he hasn't been at a top club, but it will be interesting to see how he progresses at Leeds if they back him, or if another PL club with more spending power comes in for him. I think only then can you make a prop
  3. Yeah he's only going to be any use to a team who utilise half a pitch which makes Bruce his ideal manager tbh. It sounds like hogwash bearing in mind he signed a new contract last year. Not the actions of a player who wants away.
  4. It will be both since we are a threat to them both.
  5. I don't really give a toss either way. I'd probably be wanting us to lose if the takeover had been called off 100%, but as long as there is even a glimmer of hope I'll want us to stay up. Other than that this season will just be a waste of time, and probably quite embarrassing.
  6. Judging a manager on a team he's brought up on a championship budget is a bit harsh. How many top teams has he actually coached? It's already been said he doesn't hang around long at places where he's not given free reign to implement his ideas, so he's obviously a tricky man to deal with for owners. But he's got a reputation among other managers for a reason. And just look at how his teams play man, he's as close to the foreign version of Keegan as you'll get....with the temper to match it seems like.
  7. He's described as a tenacious box to box midfielder on his wiki page for what that's worth, those are definitely qualities we are missing. Although obviously it's not much use if he's useless when he's actually got the ball. Also seems his contract is up next year and that would be why we're in for him.
  8. What sort of player is Lemina? I can't say I've noticed him particularly in the past, my gut says he's one of those like Shelvey who doesn't get involved much. Can picture Bruce introducing him as our next signing with something like " he can pick a pass, so our fans will enjoy watching him".
  9. From what I've seen, PL rules are written in a way in which they can basically decide yes or no based on their own criteria. It's them making the final decision at the end of the day, so if we went about it in a backhanded manner, I'm sure they could find some interpretation of their own rules which would allow them to reject the bid. It would just get everyone's backs up with no guarantee of success.
  10. That he's been coaching for 40 years without winning much and still believes passionately in his methods says everything tbh. That criticism was levelled at Poch at Spurs, but do you think they have gone forwards since getting rid of him?
  11. If that's true, what's left to be said? Bent as fuck the lot of them.
  12. Pochettino and Pep said years before Bielsa was even managing in England that he was one of their greatest inspirations. Two of the best managers in British football in the last decade saying they learned so much from him, but aye Bruce is just as good. Leeds fans must absolutely adore the bloke.
  13. Aye. He's like the attacking version of Rafa. Absolutely obsessed about building football teams. That story about him spying on Derby in the championship still cracks me up.
  14. What's even more pathetic is that these same big clubs which dictate PL policy are the same ones who tried to wreck English football with their ESL project. Yet still the PL will bend the knee when Man U, Liverpool etc send instructions.
  15. Right. The way things are panning out I just wouldn't even give much thought to any settlements before this season starts. Been waiting every day for this trumpeted July arbitration and they managed to kick that down the road by 6 months so it's on the shelf now for me. Will probably get buried 6ft under when 2022 comes round.
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