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  1. What makes anyone think Maddison is coming this window?
  2. Not sure if Merson was there but it was the other two football masterminds Clint Morrison and Tim Sherwood giving their expert opinions. What would Eddie Howe know against their expertise and the knowledgable Everton fan base.
  3. West Ham have rejected the bid for Ashby according to the Sky Sports ticker tape.
  4. Just listening to the Sky Sports Saturday clowns discussing the Gordon move, basically chiming in with the Everton fans view that Gordon is well overrated and they've robbed us blind. Howe vs the world on this one. I wonder who will be proven right?
  5. There can be no other explanation. He can't be his son as I don't believe he'd get withing 20 yards of the opposite sex without getting maced.
  6. It's not sad, just a really old fashioned take on things. One which probably belongs in amateur leagues, not in the cut and thrust of CL football.
  7. Sometimes releasing the ball quickly is even more effective than trying to beat the third person with a stepover or three.
  8. Exactly. Previously we didn't have much competition for Wilson, now we have him and Isak fighting for the shirt. What's wrong with having Gordon and Maxi doing the same for that left wing position? Why do we need to sell?
  9. The fee really isn't that huge going by today's standards. Even abroad they are putting in release clauses of £100m for players who are still teenagers and barely made a name for themselves. Ratboy is going to make us a nightmare to play against, he's got pace to burn, and he does look like he's got goals in him.
  10. And we probably can't get a midfielder who is leagues above Shelvey and significantly younger. Arsenal are also trying to buy a similar type of midfielder with Elneny being ruled out for a significant part of the season.
  11. Yeah, I'm not sure you could describe him as a makeweight, flyweight would probably be more accurate.
  12. We do also have to recognise that there are some clubs who players still prefer to sign for if they are in for the same ones we are looking at. Arsenal are one of them.
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