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  1. Don't think I've heard a single opinion from anywhere around England that it was anything other than a penalty, and we've got someone in a black and white shirt arguing it.
  2. That deal's collapsed now though.
  3. I know Zapata is ridiculously expensive for a nearly 31 year old, but really think if we signed him we'd be guaranteed safety. He looks absolute top level.
  4. This is how it works here: Our lad goes down in the box, it's a penalty no question. That's it really.
  5. I suppose it depends on who else is in for him though. We know Arsenal are leading the race for Vlahovic, so that's a non-starter, does Kamara have other clubs in for him who might be ahead of us at this point?
  6. Aye I'm livid just thinking about his dancing now. The fists are clenching.....
  7. Fuck me, can we not revive Toontastic and kick this one back over there?
  8. I read somewhere that the loan fee is more like £5m so you're probably right.
  9. They'll get him in the summer for free. They aren't going to chuck the sort of money we are able to, just to get him in this window.
  10. My god, they're all turning up. This will be like the Alan Pardew thread Mk1 at this rate.
  11. I think for their mental health that's probably a good perspective for them. They will probably be dreaming we get relegated, they beat us 9-1 in the derby next year sending us down to the third division while they take their rightful place in the Premier. Who needs drugs?
  12. We're not giving up in a hurry, got to like that. Botman sounded like it was dead in the water, but who knows? Maybe if we chuck enough money at it....
  13. You'd think so wouldn't you? But every time a fee is supposedly agreed, a day later the Sevilla chairman pops up and tells us to fuck off, the price is another £30m on top.
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