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  1. His signings would have been exactly the sort our owner typically prefers. Pretty certain MA would have rather got in Edouard rather than Callum Wilson, from a future value standpoint. And Gallacher is a loan not too dissimilar to the Willock loan we did last season. Marc Guehi looks like he will prove to be a really good signing and is just 21 years old, so again the future value comes into play there. Michael Olise from reading is another young talent he got in at just 19 years old. Joachim Andersen is just 25 too and looks great v
  2. It's unbelievable man. Don't understand how he gets away with it And of course an added irritation being that Vieira is yet another manager we were strongly linked with that we didn't manage to get in the end.
  3. Vieira has already got Palace controlling the game so much better and looking far more dangerous going forward. That Palace job was not an easy one to step into either with the amount of turnover in players over the summer. Pretty impressive.
  4. I wish football coverage was what it is today back when both he and Ronaldinho were at PSG. Can't imagine how much fun a young Okocha and Ronaldinho playing together must have been like.
  5. fair play man. Rafa is awesome, and with continued support from the owner things will only get better. My favourite thing so far is how he's properly unlocked Doucore as a box to box midfielder that is scoring goals consistently. He looks sensational so far this season. Enough has been said about Townsend and Gray already really, as that was just a piss take. Almost every single game those two are racking up goals and assists it seems.
  6. Sam Allardyce is utterly revolting, but Okocha at Bolton was absolutely fantastic for me. Loved that so much. Also really enjoyed Kanu at Portsmouth too from a Super Eagles point of view.
  7. KaKa

    Steve Bruce

    How long has this patronising idea been pushed for now regarding Newcastle supporters? No surprise that the current manager uses it as a means to justify his rotten record, as if it is an actual remit that is acceptable to supporters.
  8. KaKa

    Steve Bruce

    Yup, as soon as we came out of the bottom three by virtue of a 90+ min goal by Antonio against Leeds, which gave them a worse goal difference, I knew we'd start hearing that kind of nonsense Edwards just posted. We have not taken advantage of pretty decent fixtures. The storm will soon come and it's going to get ugly.
  9. I'd say the bigger issue is the club not making a proper effort to find a situation where he would be guaranteed games. I'm sure as with everything else at the club no effort or proper thought was put into the decision to send him over there.
  10. Lions man ... my God. What a franchise.
  11. Could be a turning point for these young gunners and Arteta. Brilliant performance and result.
  12. I thought at the time they should have moved him on. The highest bid was £130 million I believe. Get in three players around the £45 million mark and freshen up the team.
  13. The real culprit in that midfield has been Ndombele. He's been shocking. Dele was in the team when they beat Man City at the start of the season, but had decent protection with both Hojberg and Skipp in there with him. Playing both Dele and Ndombele is asking for trouble though. Have to pick one of the two if you're going to use them.
  14. Joelinton is out there in a Harry Kane costume
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