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QPR and The Toon

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Guest optimistic nit

I know we probably dont need another thread on the subject but i've just seen an interview of favio briatolli (sp) on SSN (as i assume have a lot of you) where he freely admits it is not ian dowie their manager who signs the players or chooses who to sign. i was woundering what everyone's thoughts on this are, considering this is exactly what everyone's problem with mike ashley is.

is he wrong, or is he right and we are wrong, or are we both right?



i'd also like to point out for those saying that this club is fucked up (which it is in a lot of ways to be fair) because of this keegan thing, what do you expect? if you have a club like this, where the fans will turn on the board when one manager resigns because he doesn't like the system, then its going to fuck this club up.


do the majority of fans want keegan back? yes, if they don't get this, then will potentially fuck this club up in the long term? yes. ashley bringing keegan back may be the only way to placate the fans, although even that may not work. if we dont want a club thats so screwed then we cant lose our minds when this happens, but then the way we treat the people who do well for this club is what makes it so remarkable in the first place.



our situation is actually better than west ham's situation in my view. keegan fell our over the loaning of nacho and potential sales of barton and smith, and possibly the sale of milner in my view, whereas curbs lost 2 first teamers, signed a lot less players and to say every player at west ham has a price is much more correct than to say every toon player has a price.

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