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  1. Robster

    In memoriam

    Jesus. Very sad. RIP
  2. Robster

    Alexander Isak

    I think I'll choose to ignore anything that comes out of Oliver Holt's mouth.
  3. I remembered her scoring the hat trick of OG. Just had to google her name.
  4. Meikayla Moore once did for New Zealand Women
  5. That Steve McLaren lookalike bloke was behind the goal holding a World Cup
  6. Robster

    The Round of 16

    The Ball. I want the Adidas Tango to be the official ball every WC. Iconic
  7. Robster

    The Round of 16

    Fucking heeeellllllllllll They'll never score
  8. Do goal nets in the PL have to be all white or are clubs allowed to have different. I'd love us to have Black and White Stripes again like the mid 90's
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