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    Steve Bruce

    I think you'd be hard pushed to find anyone who disagrees. I feel quite confident that the owners also know this, know what they are doing and are taking care of it. We need to be patient and trust that it'll all come out this week.
  2. Robster

    Steve Bruce

    It is unacceptable on the face of it but it then comes down to how much you trust the new owners to make the decision when the time is right. We have no idea what is going on behind the scenes.
  3. Robster

    Wor Flags

    Ah fuck man. Sorry to hear that
  4. Have I fallen asleep and woken up in March ?
  5. Loads of games yet. Clubs down the bottom are toilet. Not a great position but no need to panic yet.
  6. It was all terrible but I'll stay for more please.
  7. We've just got to let fans get it out of their system. It wont take long for it to drop off and normal match attire will be the order of the day.
  8. Robster

    Steve Bruce

    Is it April the 1st. What the fuck
  9. Robster

    Steve Bruce

    That's perfect ammunition for Amanda to bin the useless cunt. Fancy being the manager of a club on the brink of possibly a great period in it's history and not making any effort to try to impress the new owners Could the guy be any more of an embarrassment.
  10. Robster

    Steve Bruce

    Only with NUFC fans though. Everyone outside of our bubble is already gunning for us and looking for a reason to have a go and to twist the knife. Bruce has mates in the media so from a PR perspective, it could work against them to kick him out without even taking some considered time to talk to him and to see how he operates from a day to day. In effect, letting him do his job is allowing him the rope to hang himself with as they can say they've seen the day to day operation and feel that a change is necessary.
  11. Robster

    David Squires

    Another person the takeover has wound up. Fucking great.
  12. Robster

    Steve Bruce

    So he's been in this forum then and worked out the next way to wind us up. Sad cunt 😂
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