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  1. I thought we'd turn up and win against Watford so I'm definitely keeping an open mind on this one.
  2. So long as they don't start winning, it helps us.
  3. Keep the faith. Arsenal will do it.
  4. Last sentence of the article on the club website suggests that there'll be stuff to see... " Supporters can go behind-the-scenes of Newcastle United's visit to Saudi Arabia with exclusive content across nufc.co.uk, NUFC TV and the club's official social media channels. "
  5. Thinking about our past, on the face of it, they do have all the ingredients for relegation. There's seemingly a very poisonous atmosphere around the whole club. I remember it well.
  6. He admitted on an interview on the club's Twitter that he scuffed it
  7. Good old Asim. Not sure why he's a fan but love that he's one of us.
  8. Robster

    Rafa Benítez

    Friend of mine thinks that this isn't a dig at Rafa but it is, surely ?
  9. Football, and sport in general, always throws up unexpected results. Why not us this weekend. 0-2
  10. Robster


    Wonder what we'll do for Wimbledon.
  11. I remember a few games in and we lost 0-1 at home to Blackburn I think it was to an injury time winner and I thought that it was never going to come right.
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