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  1. You really think we have no money? How about he starts fighting against his bosses for the benefit of the team and the club rather than just roll over and accept the bollocks that Charnley tells him?
  2. "In the market we’re looking at - loan market in particular - we’re going to have to let the big, big clubs go to work.” May be just me but I have no clue what that means.
  3. Fuck's sake grow up, man. Both of you.
  4. I would have no doubt that the Football League, if they havent already, are changing their rules in readiness for us going down. They can see we have Steve Bruce as manager so it's more than a possibility. We'd hit just as many hurdles in my opinon.
  5. Personally, I no longer have the energy to read long articles on the subject. A friend is trying to get me to play the PL FF again this year. Have told him no fucking chance.
  6. It's makes me so fucking miserable that NUFC can't win anything at all, whether it be on or off the field. We are jinxed and destined to never have anything good come our way. Fuck football.
  7. Got distracted because he went to the golf Surprised he didn't say that his dog ate it.
  8. You are forgetting, or deliberating ignoring for WUM purposes, that the reason Rafa is so loved, is as much due to what he did off the field in terms of connecting with the fans, the local area and the community. Putting aside league points and positions, Steve 'one of us' Bruce, is a million miles away from Rafa in that respect.
  9. Plenty of positive signs today for the season ahead
  10. I think he's just a very assured contrarian and WUM. He knows exactly how to get bites from people.
  11. Can't wait. Bruce's face will be a picture.
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