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Ticket Allocations


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I am sure N-O had some sort of pull on the size of the ticket allocations we had last season or maybe the start of this season. I just think the club are being stupid by not taking full allocations or 3/4 of the allocations.


We have only sold out 3 games this season away from home in a full allocation. Scum , Boro , Wigan ( west ham i cant quite remember ).


Other than that our trips to , Man Utd , Arsenal , Chelsea , Pompey , Everton and Fulham have all been reduced ticket allocations compared to last season were we sold out the maximum allocation prety much every week.


Is there any chance the person who was contacted by the club initially about this say something to them , or do you think NUSC would be better to contact.


For example , look at our next allocations , Hull FAC ( 2,700 ) , I think that is the maximum we could get but I always thought FAC games gave you more tickets , Blackburn ( 4,700 ) , we took closer to 7,000 last season , Man City ( 2,115 ) , Last seaosn we had 3,200 and then we have West Brom ( 1,700 ) were we always sell out and have a good away day that alocation is  a piss take.


Now the above allocations may just be to see if we sell those first and then ask for more , but surely they should take the full allocation and then see how many we sell and then send back which ones we cannot sell if any.

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if the club cant sell the smaller allocation, they arent going to expand it. economic climate, and the pantomime that has been this season have led to less people wanting to go to places like fulham and west ham. id like to see 6000 geordies making a racket at fulham but unfortunately not going to happen at the moment

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