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  1. A great bloke who would always tell it as it was so there would never be any doubt as to what he was thinking. Among so many quotable lines from Jack one of the best was his take on the Rudi Voller/Frank Rijkaard incident at Italia 90. "Air'd have chinned him" said the big fella and there's no doubt he really would have. RIP legend.
  2. Hadn't been to Spennymoor for a while but went there recently. What a set up they have. So professional, the stadium looks great and a Premier league club would be proud of their playing surface. They've really come a long way in recent years.
  3. They really are an extraordinary bunch When the Don arrived as the second coming, anyone who expressed even slight concern was turned on by the mob and branded a Mag. Now that the penny has fallen and the mob have turned full circle, anyone displaying any kind of, even mild, sympathy or support for the Don is branded, yes, a Mag. When they were on the verge of becoming the world's richest club a couple of months ago, anyone who attempted to put across a more sober or level headed point of view was called out as..... yes that's right, a Mag! Now realising it was just another stitch up, those who were shouting about being the next Man City and European glory(essentially 99% of them) are told they should be ashamed of themselves for behaving like "Mags"
  4. There were four pieces of excellent play that led to the goal. It was just a cog in the machine but his cushioned lay back to Schär was quite sublime.
  5. Even though that's the rule a special exception should have been made for Miggy for what is arguably the most deserved goal ever.
  6. https://goodlawproject.org/petition/good-law-project-associate-citizenship-petition/#.XfTRnwhAvZc.twitter
  7. More patronising claptrap from the Islington elite, though at the same time an understandable, if blind, defence of a loved one. Therein lies much of the problem. Working people in the north are sick of people like Owen Jones etc, who have never done a proper days work in the lives, telling them what they should be thinking and then accusing them of being brainwashed monkeys if they have the audacity to disagree with them. Decent life long Labour Party members have been marginalised or pushed out by them and instead we've had a succession of piss poor candetates thrust upon us, many who wouldn't have been elected to a town council thirty years ago, just because they shore up the leadership and the northern monkeys will vote for them regardless. They can if they wish, continue to believe it's "The Sun wot wun it" but many northern Labour voters think it may have been the party itself that inflicted Tory MPs on us.
  8. The election result facilitates Brexit but in no way endorses it or the referendum result. Split along Remain/Leave lines there was a higher "remain" vote than the referendum, and even in NE constituencies which fell the "remain" vote was higher than it was in the referendum. Referendums and general elections are very different beasts but whatever you think about Johnson, politically he's played a fucking blinder.
  9. They must really regret hounding Bruce out for being a Geordie. It's been all downhill ever since
  10. They are in their worst ever position by some considerable distance and their lowest ever position in the league is merely part of it. They are many years and hundreds of millions of pounds away from turning the present situation around. They have managed to create a situation where a Premier League infrastructure becomes a hindrance not a help and clubs like Wycombe or even Fleetwood would be a more attractive proposition to potential investors with ambition. They are in a grave situation, although some of their more sane fans did warn them.
  11. Even allowing for the change of mindset that VAR has brought about and the express instructions the referee gave the players before the game, there is no one to blame for the second goal other than Sheffield's own players. Sure the linesman lifted his flag, the referee waved play on, it happens in every game and is one of the first things children are taught when they start to play football. Their fault they didn't play to the whistle. As Shelvey runs onto the ball their defence is in terrible shape giving him a clear run at goal. Their fault. The goalkeeper appears to stop playing but was that an attempt by him to influence the decision knowing they had fucked up? Lionel Barthez tried to be clever by doing that a few times. Their fans, manager etc have every right to be livid but only with their own team who brought this upon themselves entirely.
  12. Stunning aerial views of the stadium and surrounding area at the beginning of the nufc.co.uk highlights.
  13. Just as well they've got the new manager bounce and all those winnable games in hand or they'd be really fucked.
  14. So Eastleigh have gone further in the FA Cup than Sunderland? The Don has backed the wrong horse.
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