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World Cup Tickets - On Sale Today!

Guest marky555

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Guest marky555

Can't see another thread about this, apologies if there is one.


Basically just wondering if anyone knows the crack with W/cup ticket applications.


Obviously qualification hasn't finished yet, so does anyone know what the crack is with trying to get England tickets? If anyone has applied previously at the first stage of ticket sales, do they offer anything for specific nations, or is it just random games? I get the feeling its random games then when the next round of sales goes ahead after qualification, thats when the 'real' sale starts and the prices will rocket?


If anyone has any experience/information on this that'd be great.



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From what I understand/remember of Germany 06:


You get 2 options when applying for tickets:

- specfic matches in specific locations i.e. Game 1 in Cape Town or Game 6 in Jo'burg.


If you're successful, you will get a ticket (at the price applied for) for that game, irrespective of what the match turns out to be. It could be an exciting group game between Italy & Argentina or DRC & Bahrain, alternatively, if you apply for one of the later games you know you'll be seeing part of the knockout stage, thus increasing your chances of a god match up.




- you apply for a specfic country 'package' (not sure if you can apply for one that isn't your own). THE COUNTRY MUST STILL HAVE A CHANCE OF QUALIFYING.


You can select up to 7 games in your country's package and if you're successful, you should receive an option to buy a ticket for each game on the way to winning the World Cup (or however many matches you've selected, i.e. 3 = group stage, 5 = 1/4-finals, etc)


If your country doesn't qualify, you'll be refunded, if your country does qualify but fails to play as many matches as you've paid for, you'll be refunded for the games you don't see. YOU WON'T BE TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER COUNTRY.


Basically, England fans should book 4 or 5 game packages.

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