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  1. Just incredible to think that our fans actually resent people who protest against this cunt. We could lose the next 5 games (and probably will) and there will still be hostility to any matchday protests. This club is going to get everything it deserves this season. We are going to be completely humiliated. The owner deserves it for gross negligence and actively avoiding an ambitious running of the club, whilst the fans deserve it due to 95% of them complicit in this thanks to their silence, whilst anyone still paying to go is funding this oblivion. We cannot stay up, or else everything that has happened this summer will be vindicated and the cycle will never end. We need to plummet. What a miserable state of affairs.
  2. Anyone else cant stand Sky Sports FIFA-style approach to line ups? Can't stand it, all so cringe. Good ol' days of just the names then put into the formation and you get on with it. All so needlessly dramatic these days.
  3. All the old school saw through Ashley and stopped going. Those were the lads and lasses who would shout, scream, sing and just generally go barmy getting the atmosphere going. The people who cared the most, who really supported the club fucked off and we're left with the 'day out away from the missus' crowd. Spot on, every word of that is true. I went along to support the small group outside the ground today and it was humiliating by the end of it to be honest- depressing, in fact. We got more applause and kudos from the Arsenal fans than our own; that just says it all. Had fans giving the 'wanker' sign, calling people 'cunts' (from fully grown men wearing the new away shirt- staggering). I simply couldn't believe how many people were going into SJP, it's incredible how easy it is for them. But sadly today was merely a reflection of modern society. Most people walked past not caring, many others stood there and filmed on their phones. Then you have a stadium sat in silence for 90 minutes. People just want an easy life these days. Any feeling of guardianship or protection over NUFC from the fans is dead. People want to be able to have a pint, go to the match, leave early and get home before it's a late one. It feels like the Newcastle United I grew up loving, and the support I grew up so proud of, is now completely unrecognisable. I will be sick if we are not relegated- that will be justice for all still involved.
  4. A few inevitable batterings and the crowds will drop nicely when people realise it is only a humiliating experience attending.
  5. If Bruce comes in and we (inevitably) suffer humiliating losses, it will be interesting to see how the Ashley ass-lickers in the press can stick up for Ashley then; - Forced Benitez out - Hired a dummy manager - Sold and not bought - No communication and leaving everything until the last minute (i.e. too late). No Bellamy, Shola, Carver, Wise etc. can stick up for that utter cunt of a human being in charge of this clubs demise.
  6. We'll sign Patrick Viera as manager on a 1 year deal a week before the season starts and people will flood back with ST's.
  7. Mistle17

    Women's Football

    I think Rapinoe is somehow more unlikable than Trump...
  8. There is absolutely no reason to dismiss the theory that Ashley went far out of his way to collaborate with this Arab group to create a hoax for a takeover in order to force Rafa out.
  9. Hopefully the majority of the empty seats will be in the lower tier of each stand. Such an inspiring thing to look forward to...
  10. Mistle17

    Rafa Benítez

    You think that when it (Rafa leaving) happens you will give up and not care. Life will continue seamlessly. Well it doesn't. This is unbearable to take- and it is only because Rafa made us realise the worth of Newcastle United again. Newcastle United...just those words mean so, so much to me. I love this club, I fucking love. Pardew helped convince us that it was a worthless entity destined for a monotonous, depressing existence. What a load of shite that was. Newcastle United is being held hostage by Ashley. It's still up to us- that starts with boycotting. I'm prepared to go fucking militant if it takes it. Fucking bring it on.
  11. Mistle17

    Women's Football

    Inspiring stuff from that Chile side. They'll be lucky to be making anything (financially) from the game, but they played with so much passion and tenacity in a game they were never going to win. They defended their goal with their lives in that second half- just class and fair play to them. Both teams took a bit of an old fashioned kicking at times yet just got on with it. Makes a nice change from the soft as shite, needless drama of the mens game these days.
  12. People thinking that building a new stadium will improve the atmosphere, at the same time having the same old miserable cunts filling it Amazing.
  13. How dare you. Support the team. Only thing I can do with my child/brother/sister/mother/father/grandfather/grandmother on a saturday oh the memories. :lol:
  14. Genuinely, how do people afford that? That's just unbelievable. Funny how the game in England is obsessed with all this diversity/quota bollocks yet the very people that keep the game alive are not included when it comes to accessibility to watch. It's absolutely scandalous, but of course nothing will happen. If the takeover doesn't happen that in itself should be the cue to jack in the ST's, but with this now in the mix how can anyone justify/afford this? Imagine if you're a dad/son(s) trying to go! Not a fucking hope.
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