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    VAR is wank
  1. I have officially turned on Gareth. His good will from prior performances has now expired.
  2. Soft as fuck pen would’ve been the textbook route to England winning this one. V dissapoint.
  3. Got 5 subs tho. We won, keep shit the same, change things up via subs imo. And/or game 3, once we spank scotland 12-0.
  4. I don’t see how you can prove intent, and his arm has to go somewhere when jumping. Sack of shit decision.
  5. I refused to play it for years because I liked the 2D games FR tho playing GTA II over the network at school was class.
  6. I have officially gone full nonce now https://imgur.com/a/jJ8R0Aw Made everything nice and white too. Trying to eradicate as much black as possible.
  7. Shit handball rule, should've stood. Also it goes without saying how much I love this interpretation of VAR where we've no idea what the fuck is happening.
  8. Agreed, but unsure if cos the football is actually good or because following NUFC is so lifeless...
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