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  1. They're speed holes. They make the players go faster.
  2. Aye there's no way I'd be giving up my number while sitting in the reserves. Fuck that. They can always take it off him if they care that much.
  3. I mean, I'm not one to defend the crooked nosed blancmange but we have literally no idea about fitness levels / injuries of players at this point in the season. I'm sure Clark and and Kraft aren't going to be his first choices long term.
  4. why no lascalles? Always pleased to see that bellend dropped.
  5. Spot on that like. Everyone I know is VERY protective of our beloved Falkland Islands. Would've been better off saying baked beans were shit or something.


    alreet pet how about you take a wander through a COVID ward and we'll see how you fare in two weeks fatty
  7. (if you look in your codex, and then look at a character, you'll see hearts at the top, these represent how many nectars you've given them, the bow on one of the hearts represents the gift they've given you. Also I just read that there are storyline benefits to giving more nectar, but they're not as impactful as the artifacts so I wouldn't worry about that yet)
  8. Nectar is not random. Basically you want to give 1 nectar to everyone. After giving 1 nectar you get shit all. Oh and Hades fuckin hates you so he just takes the nectar and gives you nothing In exchange for the nectar they give you "artifacts". You then choose which artifact you're going to use for a run (when choosing your weapon, in the glass cabinet), and get the benefits. Benefits like +25HP, or "first 3 attacks from MEGABOSS dont hurt", that kind of thing.
  9. Aye you'll be starting from the start again you'll be beating Meg lots of times to get anywhere. You need to look up the different boons to get anywhere. It's important to know to collect the things that are permanent upgrades, allowing you to get past the early levels quickly in the future, vs temporary things to super power you for your current run. See below.
  10. Just got Google Street Car'd while jogging my fat ass out of a Chick-Fil-A, dragging along a massive bag of chicken and some unsweetened Iced Tea. My political career is over.
  11. SEMTEX

    Joe Willock

    fucking maggies cunt
  12. You've been looking forward to it but didn't have any idea what kind of game it was? Personally, I think it's class. The notion was a little foreign to me, I admit, but there is significant progression in the ability of your character which is what drives you forward.
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