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Fu**king Come On!!!!


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Gotta forget it all up to this point and just go for it...no point feeling sorry for ourselves and defeatist, the crowd needs to get properly up for it regardless.

The argument that the players dont give anyone anything to get up about is a two way thing. The players might get a boost of addrenalin from hearing a sizeable support which isnt always there.


It makes sense psychologically that a player is more likely to give up/lose morale if the crowd have to. Think about the effect it would have on you mentally.

If a lot of people are still up for a game even when you're losing/drawing...& cheering you on like crazy...makes it near impossible for you not to be convinced your sides not still in it. Belief breeds more belief. More belief = more effort. Its endless positives.


So the last thing anyone should do is start feeling sorry for ourselves and apathetic during the match. We're part of it...it might make a difference it might not. You have to try.

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Although I agree with you, there's never a problem with the away following to be honest.


Its the home atmosphere which is often generally lacking apart from the last few games. Against Fulham, you could hear very early on the crowd having a go at the players for misplaced passing etc., which just affects confidence. You could see it visibly drain out of Jonas.

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Hull City home = worst atmosphere = arguably worst performance all season.

Boro home = best atmosphere = arguably best performance all season.


It's not rocket science.

Hull City home = arguably worst performance all season = worst atmosphere

Boro home = arguably best performance all season = best atmosphere


Works both ways though

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