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The Sunday (4pm - 5:50pm) Game

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4 Teams, Only 2 can survive.....


How do you think the day will pan out:


the time frames are:




4:45 (HT)





5:50 (inevitable injury time drama (Live on Sky)


Who is in the bottom 2?


My view..


4:15 Hull and Boro (Toon Score)

4:30 Sunderland and Boro (Hull Score)

4:45 Toon and Boro (Villa Score, Man Utd Score)


5:15 Hull and Boro (Man Utd Score)

5:30 Toon and Boro

5:45 Toon and Boro (Hull Score)

5:50 Sunderland and Boro (Hull Score, Toon Score)




edit - edited for pedants! (and again)

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Not being pedantic csac,but your 5.15 window is wrong,with us drawing and Hull losing. :razz:


At 4:30 as well, with the scores 0-0 (SOL), 1-0 (Villa Park) and 1-0 (KC Stadium), would have it at



16 Hull -23 38

17 Newcastle -17 37




18 Sunderland -19 37

19 Middlesbrough -28 32

20 West Brom -31 31

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