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  1. We'd be up against Arsenal and Liverpool for Rice you would imagine. Advantage over Arsenal is that he is pretty much nailed on as a starter here with a little more competition there so they may not value him quite as high as we do Advantage over Liverpool is that they are going to tie themselves in knots with Bellingham so we can nip in quickly
  2. Will that be Hexham's finest Fraser Forster playing in the Champions League knock out stages?
  3. Looks real bad in isolation but there is a lot of missing context e.g. are these cash advances on sponsorship deals (rather than taking a loan on future income from the bank) e.g. how were these payments disclosed when all said and done - nothing wrong with taking in shareholder equity, up to the PL how they interpret their treatment e.g. do the intermediary sponsors actually do anything or are they just shell companies used to distribute cash? This was early on in the City project so I would assume getting cash through the door today was more important than over a 3-5 year sponsorship period, on the premise that Champions League funding would soon kick in to fill the cash gap, probably not quite the smoking gun that it immediately looks to be
  4. But if you take the issue of Manchini's (alleged) contract position there is nothing legally wrong with what was in place, it is a question on whether it contravened the rules put in place by a sporting body. Same with sponsorship values, legally they are likely to be sound but whether they fit the PLs requirements is a different kettle of fish. If Chelsea are using a 7 year contract to spread fees and it is found to be a 5 year contract with the option of 2 (based on hitting criteria) then we'll see another legal wrangling on whether the initial contract is 5 or 7. All good fun from the sidelines
  5. Nah, we've got Liverpool at home next, that's the easiest game in the premier league at the moment. Plus wouldn't surprise me if Klopp walks should they lose to Everton
  6. Undecided if this is a terrible joke or the best joke ever told on this forum. Could be both of course
  7. UEFA did do something though, they saw a legal loophole being exploited and closed it from the next transfer window
  8. He quits, cites it being a massive distraction, moves to PSG (or similar) and he is merely a forgotten footnote in why City didn't win the league this season and is totally distanced from any ruling when it happens.
  9. Reckon we’ll go £200m-£250m in the summer but that will be partly funded through Maxi and Dubs leaving along with a bit of padding from the likes of our dear captain, Manquillo and one or 2 more. wouldn’t be a total shock if Wilson went back to Bournemouth or similar for £20-£25m with a younger player brought in. I’d add that to the £250m if that happened.
  10. not under Howe. He’ll be impressing on them the importance of form and momentum going into the final, you can’t switch off for 3 games, even just 10-15% then switch it back on for the final. I reckon we will start like a train today, the plan will be 2-3 nil by half time then kill the game dead. bournemouth will be similar liverpool will be a send off like no other as we break the premier league record for winning margin and goals scored by a single player in a game
  11. Yes you can. It then becomes a Civil/Contract point where the burden is much lower than for a criminal court. The tape in itself can easily be used to created a case of serious misconduct bringing the club into disrepute. It could get messy with lawyers but you'd have a good case of winning any tribunal if it got to that
  12. I'm sure Howe always had belief that he'd make it to the top but good ol Jase must think he's on the lottery being up here now
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