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  1. If he follows the path of our current Brazilian record holder then he'll be a world class keeper in 2024
  2. 606 - around the Woodgate signing Then came here on the recommendation of a poster named ToonAmy who in my head was fit. Registered on Toontastic but rarely posted and not been on in years
  3. although Adolf had a disadvantage of only having one bollock. got to take these things into consideration
  4. Throw in a Mussolini as well
  5. I know right. He’s not at Messi level, he’s much better!
  6. There’s no way he’s got either the balls or personality to do that show. like the Shearer guess tonight but for my money it’s Kammy
  7. They’ll have to do it with the current squad or maybe a complete punt on a player nobody has heard of as they have no manager or DoF to get things done. lose to us and it’s brown pants time, not sure of too many of their players have a scrap in them. still going Brentford though, but it won’t be comfortable for Everton
  8. I’m going to call it now — Brentford will be relegated. everton are also deep in the shit, they will struggle to keep their head above water if we beat them
  9. Gotta love the beeb. can Newcastle escape the relegation zone today. well we’re 4 points behind Norwich so I’m going to stick my neck out here and say no
  10. We got the boys Hungry Hippos and Kerplunk for Christmas. fuck me have toys regressed in quality and durability over time.
  11. The Tories shouldn't get an opportunity to oust Boris and then undergo a full leadership campaign. Parliament should be dissolved (surely her Maj has this power and now the motive!) and a General Election set for the end of March. Javid was quite clear this morning that the voters in Bury South (and by extension the country) voted for Boris and not individual MPs, therefore if he goes then its only right and proper that the public get a say. tbh I'm sick of having PMs put in place who aren't elected into position. Whether it be Brown, May, Boris or looking
  12. Your house value may have risen sufficiently to put you in a better LTV bracket though which may offset that hit a bit
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