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  1. Everton aren't skint, they just can't spend due to ffp limits after spaffing test and trace amounts of cash on shite in recent years
  2. Anyone else get Amanda's sly dig about how you cant change things overnight? Its as blatant a 'he's fucking off, just not quite yet' statement as you can get. Not even a vote of confidence
  3. Will that not be deliberate for betting sites? Sounds daft but with in game and real time betting a delay through poor signals is a benefit to the betting sites.
  4. Paul Brown is a Staffordshire lad so not entirely outside the realms of possibility that he is a Man City Fan to make the scene perfect
  5. As shit as we've been we have created enough chances to win a couple of the last handful of games. We've got Wilson back and with the atmosphere on Sunday I think we'll beat Spurs with or without Bruce. So as much as I want him binned, and want him binned yesterday, I'm quite relaxed about it taking a couple of weeks
  6. I don't think its that nuanced, he's just assuming around a month to interview and then applying a 3 month notice period for a CEO/SD as you might expect in the business world. We know that in football you interview, pay compensation and put them in place immediately. Either that or they are really thorough on interviewing a obtaining 3 suitable references!
  7. As if he had that level of security clearance.
  8. Think it's important to remember that despite Ashley there were some good moments in the last 14 years, just far too few and far too sporadic
  9. I'm throwing in my CV for CFO. I'm serious as well, missus is livid as she doesn't want to move but tough! Imagine the forum itk bollocks I could start
  10. I think it's the same guy, that Andy Kerr went to the same school as Pete Graves just a few years older. Nice guy, nickname at school was Wan
  11. That was me and of course it fucking was 🤣
  12. When we decided that the answer to the question 'who do you replace Rafa Benitez with' was Steve Bruce
  13. I think we need to be honest with ourselves here. It is going to take at least a generation of players before we can be viewed on a par with the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona etc. There is something with the elite clubs that will always trump playing for the richest club so we will be in a position where we could develop ASM (say) into a genuine £150m player, possibly Ballon d'or winner and he would still push to leave to play for another club.
  14. She's better doing informal interviews than staged releases but even so I'm hooked bad on this project and like every fan out there I'm indebted to her stubborness and determination. I reckon the wife might be asking me who the Amanda I was calling out to in my sleep is in the morning
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