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  1. I was on holiday in Pooley Bridge when this broke. The whole campsite was chanting Shearer all day
  2. Comes to something when hate brewer is against your agenda
  3. A cheap pop on QT is different to the shitty debate format we had though. Labour dealt (and still deal) with it badly but it was an argument at the time they had little chance of winning. The brand was damaged enough for the public at large to see them as the big bad. They need a 92 era Blair type to stir the party back into contention (personality not politics), they don't have an obvious candidate
  4. Because its a boring story to tell and you can't sex it up. Exactly the same with Brexit and the reasons for remain. It doesn't matter how well the argument is constructed and how good the orator is, it will never dislodge the sensationalist position it is fighting against. The big mystery is how the SNP couldn't win an independence referendum
  5. We really need to have a breakdown on why people got tests, but yes 100% agree with this. We know that you can't really compare January with last March due to testing capacity, but if IN January you needed to have symptoms to get a test and over the past month or 2 more asymptomatic people have been testing (and testing positive) due to LFTs, Euros, being pinged etcd then this wave may look very different to the winter one. Of course this doesn't change anything about the severity of 30-50k cases a day, but I like to look at things like this out of curiosity
  6. He had the new Tory varient. Key symptoms are lack of compassion, uncontrollable sexual urges (other than with your wife) and bad hair
  7. Absolutely no doubt people are not taking tests to avoid plans being disrupted, also no school testing will play a big part no doubt. Is there a possibility that Delta has a different curve to other varients? India definitely shows a rapid fall off, Scotland saw a fall in numbers a lot more quickly than expected and Wales is dropping like a stone over the past week. Totally get that it's too soon to know, and we are quite likely to see another increase once this week works its way into the system, but is it possible for a virus varient to have such a drastic change in
  8. Tests aren't down enough on last week to account for the massive fall though. Didn't delta show as rapid a decrease in case numbers as it did a rise? Could this be the way it runs through a population? Or more likely last week was a spike with the football and we are seeing that flatten out along with schools being off and cases will rise again shortly
  9. Couldn't get into Eyes wide shut, but other than that imo Cruise hasn't made a bad film. Not Oscar worthy sure, and not the cleverest films ever made but they are all very watchable.
  10. Willock on loan Willems Ben Arfa Rondon You could get those 4 for very little outlay and we know that they improve the squad. (working with the budget here, get that they wouldn't be the most satisfying window ever) Let Ritchie move back to Bournemouth to put a million into the pot and look for a few quid on Darlow to get another centre mid. But we have Bruce so Hendrick it is
  11. I'm still putting money on it being less LFTs resulting in less PCRs resulting in less cases. Hospitalisation figures will be the real indicator on what impact Monday has.
  12. Week on week daily cases down for the 4th day in a row in wales
  13. I think case numbers will drop over the next 2 weeks due to schools being out / people on holiday and not doing LFTs leading to PCRs. This will of course just mask the impact of Braveheart day but it will he seen as a triumph and carry on.
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