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    Steve Bruce

    Quite excited from seeing those chants at Rotherham how nasty it might get for him when we make the inevitable shit start.
  2. Pilko

    Your Pet Hates

    I can remember one of my primary school teachers saying this like 20-odd years ago must be immensely annoying.
  3. Old Reminded me a lot of the Nic Cage Wicker Man remake - enjoyable for all the wrong reasons. Funny as fuck when it was trying to be serious, at points so bad it was good. Wasn't as shit as The Happening or Lady in the Water but definitely goes down as one of M Night's big misses.
  4. Pilko

    Visiting London

    It appears they've mistaken the London taxi in the mockup for a fleet of massive black bins, how unfortunate.
  5. Agree, really don't think he's the answer for Man U.
  6. Unbelievably good value that IMO.
  7. There's some absolutely unbelievably good Warnock stories on the various Undr the Cosh podcasts, utter belters that put things like the famous bowling ball story in the shade. He's fucking incredible by all accounts.
  8. M Night's latest offering "Old" looks like a hoot, off to see it next week.
  9. Bald tit who looks like a child molester / ridiculed when he pretended his son said Womanchester
  10. Aye, nudge back 6 months, no dramas. What a fucking piss take.
  11. Pilko

    Jonjo Shelvey

    When asked about his absence, Bruce told reporters: "Jonjo hurt himself before pre-season doing running on his own." - Can be dangerous that running malarkey. Must be why Jonjo barely ever does any on a matchday.
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