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    St. James' Park

    Anyone know if the Gallowgate pigeon was still there today?
  2. Please add "His Excellency" to the thread title, that's what Wormtail from True Faith suggests we call him.
  3. Clark, Darlow, Dummett, Lascelles, Hayden, Shelvey, Ritchie and Gayle we still have from the promotion season. 6 of those 8 players are regular starters, with Gayle a frequent sub and Dummett out of the picture. In contrast, Brighton who came up with us have 3 - Dunk, Duffy and March - of which only 1 is still a regular starter, the other two being squad players.
  4. Imagine how fucking incredible it'll be in a few years time to see a teamsheet with 20 names on it that didn't play for us in the 2016/17 Championship season.
  5. Chiesa and Dest assists 29/1 Locatelli and Abraham 2+ SOT each 37/1
  6. Juve and Barca games, what we saying? Covered the two BV trebles for now.
  7. Pilko

    Steve Bruce

    Predictions: Will bang on about the great atmosphere and the ill fan to deflect from another pathetic performance Will say he wants to continue and show what he can do Will talk about needing January investment etc
  8. Cheers Spurs for 0 SOTs in the second half you fucking cunts. 1 would have done the job.
  9. Overran in midfield so Shelvey thrown on Maxi for Gayle next I bet.
  10. Pilko

    Steve Bruce

    Let me just preface this remark with the hope that the individual affected in the East Stand ends up being OK and making a full recovery. Right... IMAGINE if the game is called off and rescheduled for later in the season, we bin the fat useless cunt next week and he's fired on 999.5 games.
  11. Pilko

    Steve Bruce

    1000 games and still fucking shit
  12. Skipp and Manquillo cards 26/1 Maxi and Hoejberg assists 74/1 Spurs win with most SOTs and corners in both halves 45/1
  13. Keane single at 17/2 in play. Already had a few with Antonio.
  14. Great start to this with Big Dick Mic in the book for a dive.
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