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  1. Josh Cullen, Fabian Schar and Vaclav Jemelka card treb 46/1
  2. Just needed a Barrow goal for £155, Stevenage and Cambridge even won late for me. Gutted.
  3. Legend! Thanks for posting.
  4. Pilko

    Upcoming gigs

    Little Man Tate & The Enemy last night at City Hall. Never been so glad to be on the balcony & away from the heavily bugger dusted Stone Island cunt brigade down front LMT played a preview of their new album for next year & The Enemy played through We'll Live And Die In These Towns in order (wish more bands would do that kind of thing tbf) followed by a few other hits in the encore.
  5. "and he's been working on it for a month!!!!"
  6. Generally not a fan of win to nil as an early upset goal can knack the whole bet. Try win & over 2.5 to cover both bases? The odds won't be too different.
  7. KDB 2 SOT boost at 3/1 salvaged my night.
  8. These people who are whooping and cheering must be the same ones who booed at the end of the Bournemouth match.
  9. Putin got an invite aye I'm sure that one got lost in the post.
  10. Imagine if Our Liz had kicked the bucket a few months ago and the funeral happened to be during that mental heatwave? This would be canny entertaining, a bit like when that England friendly got postponed and you had Glenn Hoddle standing there absolutely melting looking like he was going to pass out.
  11. That burger van in the left of shot there must be making a killing today like.
  12. Nah, black guy just to the left of the coffin, got himself a prime position too.
  13. I can't help but wonder when all these old people at the funeral get to go for a piss? Typically my nan goes every couple of hours but this lot must have bladders like Lake Titicaca.
  14. I reckon if you sent Britain to the polls they'd decree the queue jumper worse.
  15. All set for tomorrow, got a nice bag of Riesen in to sit and watch proceedings in homage to our dear Queen. I know she famously didn't approve of dark.... chocolate but at least they're from her country of origin.
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