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By the end of August how would you like to see the club . . . ?


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- Top 2 , unbeaten if possible , scoring goals and keeping clean sheets.


- Chris Hughton to have been appointed permanent Manager , I personally feel that the club is doing the business on the field under Hughton and Calderwood and to bring in a new manager now , so close to the end of the transfer market would cause confusion and disruption which we do not need at the minute.


- Club to have been sold to someone who can back the club financially , and allow the club to move on by supporting the manager.


- 2 new signings , Tommy Smith , and Giles Barnes would be good additions in my opinion .


- No more outgoing players.



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This is a stupid thread


Don't read it then . PRAT.


You should put some warning in the title. Like:

"By the end of August how would you like to see the club . . . ? - WARNING STUPID THREAD - DONT READ"

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Through the hubble telescope.  While on a beach in Fiji.  And surrounded by beautiful island women in micro-bikinis while Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox mud wrestle to decide whose turn it is to make me a sandwich.  And then I'd get a text saying 'OMG Toon sld 2 Ambani, jst sgned David Villa oMG!'.  Yep.  Like that.

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