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  1. Leeds are poor in the air and missing defenders. Time for our captain to step up. Apologies for the optimism!
  2. Any protesters tonight will be subject to track and trace
  3. He'll be laughing at all the season ticket holders paying good money to watch Bruceball whilst he counts the money he will win if he wins his court case. No way anything changes until November at the earliest.
  4. He knew what he was walking into. He can never have any respect.
  5. morpeth mag


    Broken record signing
  6. Nothing happens until we know the outcome of the next court case in late October unless there is a medical incident.
  7. Each ref has to declare the team they support. Clattenberg declared Newcastle. Taylor didn't declare Man Yoo.
  8. and in the foreground
  9. Imagine if you could only buy a house if you paid cash in full up front. I bet MA didn't build SD without taking a loan to fund growth. The problem is he knows he is a poor owner and doesn't know how to invest in football so he does the minimum.
  10. Without ever completing the ODT
  11. The club clearly spent all it's money repairing the doors SB knocked down.
  12. Hope is dead. All that is left is faith.
  13. Can't even arrange a loan. Everything is a new low as the dive to the bottom picks up pace.
  14. Can't compete with Wolves with them being owned by the sovereign state of Portugal.
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