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  1. I wonder if he may go with Lascelles, Fernandez and Schar to counter the Burnley route one approach.
  2. From my seat in the lounge I agree with you but we have to trust EH knows what he is doing.
  3. Yep. Not that he wouldn't improve our team but I don't think he's nailed down his best position and I think he would be exposed as a poor full back in any team other than Citeh. I was always happy to have Stones.
  4. I'm not sure 3 CB is the way to go against Arsenal. Their two wide players, Saka &SR, would tie back our wing backs to defence. That leaves 3 CB to handle Auba and gifts the midfield to Arsenal. Would rather jetison Clark and play Hayden. A back four means Manqullo and possibly Lewis should be start. Keeper change is a given. Sadly not Shay! Take your pick Willock or Almiron.
  5. Just being pedantic but don't think you should count the war years when there was no FA Cup
  6. ...and central defenders ....and full backs
  7. Of more concern is understanding where Howe's covid came from and hoping he hasn't passed it on
  8. I agreed, stop bumping this thread
  9. They are next door neighbours in Portugal
  10. It's not aimless and often has good shape. The problem is that this is his only attribute when we have the ball.
  11. I think PIF will want one statement signing of the ilk of Coutinho but in terms of business progression we need to be targeting the stars of tomorrow once we are sure we have enough to avoid relegation.
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