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Cheating goalkeeper Kim Christensen faces fine after moving goalposts.


A goalkeeper is facing suspension and a heavy fine after — literally — moving the goalposts closer together to make it harder for the opponents to score in a top flight game in Sweden.


Kim Christensen, the Danish goalkeeper for IFK Gothenburg, was caught on camera kicking in both sides of his goal to reduce the target area slightly at the start of a crucial match in the All Sweden division, the equivalent of the English Premier League.


The game between IFK, who are top of the league and on course for a lucrative place in European competition next season, and Örebro was shown live on national television and the referee spotted that the posts were inside the guidelines marked on the pitch toward the end of the first half.


The referee moved them back out to their correct positions but because he was unaware at the time that the goalkeeper was responsible, the player was allowed to continue the game.


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Faced with clear television evidence, however, Mr Christensen readily admitted after the fixture that this was not the first time he had moved the goalposts — which in Swedish football often rest on top of the playing surface and can easily be manipulated.


"I got the tip from a goalkeeping friend a few years ago, and since then I have done it from time to time," Mr Christensen told the tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet, adding that the posts were not fixed into the ground at many Swedish football grounds.


Speaking after the game, Stefan Johansson, the referee, said: "Had I seen him do it I would have warned him. I think so anyway, it is not easy to find that rule."


According to Dag Wikman, a member of the Swedish FA's disciplinary committee, had the referee witnessed the incident then a penalty kick to Örebro would have been the correct response.


The game ended 0-0 but Örebro came close to scoring several times, so may decide to appeal to the Swedish Football Association's disciplinary board, especially given the view that they should have had a penalty in punishment for the goalpost move.


Mr Christensen has already been reported to the game's ruling body, which has admitted that it has never faced a disciplinary problem like it.


"I have never heard anything like this before, it is unique," the Swedish FA's disciplinary committee chairman, Kheneth Tallinger, told Aftonbladet.


IFK Gothenburg, who have twice won the Uefa Cup, lead the All Sweden league with 47 points on better goal difference than AIK of Stockholm. The season ends on November 1 and any points deduction would wreck their successful campaign.




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