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  1. Thanks. Tried it, but no luck. No idea what’s going on, to be honest. And seems like I’m the only one experiencing this? Strange stuff.
  2. Same with Safari. Oh well. If there is a fix to increase the default font size on mobile, to match the previous forum, it would be very helpful. Thanks.
  3. Nah, the font in both portrait and landscape is at least 2 sizes smaller than the mobile theme from the old forum. Using landscape and pinching to zoom makes it readable for me. No idea what’s going on. Maybe I need to switch browsers on my phone and try Safari. I’m using Firefox right now. Bit of a dealbreaker potentially for me, at the very least a pain. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be! Turning 40 this year.
  4. Just getting used to the new layout. Is there a reason the font is significantly smaller on portrait mode on mobile? I have to turn the phone to landscape and then zoom in to be able to read any posts. On an iPhone 11. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks.
  5. DJ_NUFC

    Rafa Benítez

    Gouff was a monster in the Champo, some of those goals.
  6. Registered: Friday 18 March 2005, 07:47:00 AM What the fuck have I been doing with my life
  7. No offense. But I urge you to actually read about this virus to get an understanding of the reality the world is facing right now. Things aren’t returning to normal in early June. Many, many things need to happen (mass quarantine, testing and clearing of public spaces) at the government level for things to resume by June. UK & US seem bent on not learning from other countries.
  8. DJ_NUFC

    Rafa Benítez

    Man continues to walk into the store to complain about the store’s existence.
  9. Poor Dwight. It has to be a mental barrier for him when it comes to the premier league. We’ve seen him knock those in in the Championship.
  10. Shelvey has been out of gas since half time
  11. Can’t feel but happy for players like ASM and Miggy.
  12. Rafa had us all fooled. This management lark is easy, Bruce 4 lyfe!
  13. It’s the price you pay for attempting to disrail us *chugs water bottle until it explodes*.
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