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Blacksmiths Arms - Gosforth (this Thursday)


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One of the main issues I imagine a lot of you have is just exactly who are the NUST? Who are these people who are looking to get a couple of hundred million out of us?


Well why not come and find out? we're holding a roadshow next Thursday evening at the Blacksmiths Arms on Gosforth High Street, its free entry, John Gibson from the Ronnie is the special guest (whos always good for some stories and a reminisce) and we usually have a quiz and few other spot prizes.


If nothing else its always a good way to spend a couple of hours in the company of other Toon fans, it will though be your chance to see some of those involved, talk to us and ask a few questions in person about the campaign. Just as now, we cant guarantee we'll have all the answers but we'll give it our best shot.



Come along, have a beer and at least you'll know who we are when you're reading all that financial gumph thats about to come out.

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