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  1. Bugger. Sorry dude. Some expected to drop back end of this week.
  2. TTs are canny dull really aren’t they?
  3. Thanks for the help anyway guys, I decided to cancel for now. Will get one next month hopefully.
  4. Actually thinking about cancelling for now tbh. Forgot I’m away in three weeks and have £450 to fork out for the accommodation 😂. We’ll see if it lets me cancel, if not, I’ll roll with it.
  5. Cheers gents. So I should be buying Spider-Man Morales Ultimate and TLU2, and use PS Plus for TLU remastered and God Of War?
  6. Figure I don’t go out much apart from cycling these days, and with winter coming, might as well have some games to play. The Xbox lineup has failed to impress me and I’ve had so many games on my list from PS3/PS4 for years, being an Xbox advocate.
  7. Snagged a PS5 this morning during the latest drops. Hit me up with some PS4/PS5 games. First on my list is the Spider-Man Ultimate jobby. Haven’t had a PS since a PS2 so have catching up to do.
  8. mattypnufc


    With Neesy on this one. That should literally be headline news. Sick to the back teeth of anti vax rhetoric gracing Facebook/social media. Bellends.
  9. Wish I could get one from somewhere. Got a lot of PS4 games to catch up on having missed the boat entirely. Plus the lineup looks brilliant after the PlayStation event.
  10. Looking forward to it. Probably cycle up and over to Prudhoe or something to watch it and then cycle back. The heed will be busy at the finish.
  11. mattypnufc


    😂 fuck knaaaas yeee tell me.
  12. Baltic Mortgage Solutions - Ben Robson 👍🏻
  13. mattypnufc

    Joe Willock

    It’ll be announced today. Chill
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