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  1. Not sure if this tickles anyone’s fancy, https://www.instagram.com/p/CoVPqb7r5Jt/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= https://www.ticketweb.uk/event/carabao-cup-final-anarchy-brew-co-tickets/12918195
  2. We managed to get tickets for Wylam like. Should be canny.
  3. I absolutely hate scary games and minus a few jump scares (second one mostly) I never got too bothered by this. In fact the creepiest bit of the first game is a bit with a human imo (no spoilers)
  4. Still holding onto zero hope that I might end up with a ticket. Fuck it is drive down if needs be and park at my mates. If not we’ve booked tickets for the event at Wylam. At least it shouldn’t be radge as fuck cos which radgies go there and drink craft ipas, but should still a big enough atmosphere to enjoy it with other fans.
  5. Looks like bollocks imo. I’d be surprised the shit ticketing system we use has that capability but you never know, Jan might have done some upgrades.
  6. Definitely booking the Monday off after. Have the ability to get a bed in a room down London. A probable 10% chance of a ticket id say. Haven’t booked train. Shall see what’s what if I get a ticket. Me and my mates have shit history watching finals/semi’s together so might just watch it at home and meet them afterwards 😂
  7. Bet she stays in Newcastle though. 😂
  8. Also what was with the pickyness with our high press when they were taking a short goal kick? They did the same thing and he just ignored it. Wanker.
  9. How the fuck that wasn’t a pen on Wilson first half I do not know. Some absolutely bizarre decisions to not dish out yellows either. Especially the one on Wilson when he was about to thread someone through in goal. Shite. As usual. The wierd little Ineista wannabe.
  10. Have given him pelters over the years, but he’s been playing class this season and is getting better and better. He seems to have finally cut out being caught in possession as much too. 😂
  11. Class episode. Totally different from the meeting in the game, but a fantastic episode of TV. It’ll upset some of the ‘woke’ brigade and those huge ‘fanboys’ who just want an entire TV series of cutscenes.
  12. mattypnufc

    Sander Berge

    I have no idea who he is.
  13. Thankfully the flex we have with Bruno I absolutely feel he can play further forward with someone more traditional cdm. The worry is if bruno picks up a knock. At least Shelvey has capacity to pick a killer pass every so often. A replacement has to be of similar ilk imo. Creative.
  14. Fml if we end up with McTominay. I can see potential in Gordon, but absolutely no redeeming qualities about that lad.
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