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  1. Ahhh I've enjoyed reading through this thread, certainly many blasts from the past. Welcome back folks. Can't remember who asked on here but yes the website had a really long name which i then managed to get changed to toontastic.co.uk when some free domain name website appeared. After the merger though one group left to create a new ToonTastic site with a different web address than the original.
  2. Good to see this guy back in training. Hopefully back in the first team soon if we aren't getting any replacements any time soon.
  3. ToonTastic


    Ah I assumed they were stopping the cards as I didn't get one from the dodgy chemist I got mine done at haha. Checked the app though and it's on there so guess I can believe I've had the real thing. All fit and well today though after having it on Wednesday so it's definitely worth the one day of feeling like death.
  4. ToonTastic


    I had Pfizer for my first two. Sore arm first time but noubt with second. This one was Moderna. Feels like full blown flu. Fingers crossed its a 24 hour thing. Still worth it of course.
  5. ToonTastic


    Had my booster yesterday dinner time, by god I'm feeling it now. I'd been fine with previous jabs this one is knackering.
  6. Can I suggest you start taking your profits I'm taking my profits when they hit around £100 then leaving any more in to build my choices up slowly. I have a selection I hold on to and the rest are those I take my profits and either shift to where I'm holding or take out in cash. Seems to be working canny for me so far.
  7. ToonTastic


    Crazy in the schools at the minute. We've got classes with 19 kids out of 30 getting positive PCR tests. We've staff going into hospital with it. Then you've got that knob head Tory saying make sure you continue with the nativity
  8. I find it odd that the news about Fonseca to Villa has appeared from nowhere. Definitely looks like the work of an agent. He is someone I'd like to see here though, definitely someone who I could see wanting to progress further than they have so far so would see the challenge of Newcastle.
  9. When I went through this, I got a remortgage of the property for a larger amount which basically covered her half of the equity. They had to come out and do a proper valuation of the property because I was increasing the loan amount on the house. The solicitor as part of the remortgage transferred the cash straight into her account and she was able to then do what she wanted with it. It seemed the easiest way and just worked. It cost me about £250 to remove her from the house deeds and that was about it. Would that route not be easier and work better?
  10. I like that. Could still bring in a bit of a park at the front as well. Making a feature of the walk up to the stadium with statues in it of the ex players and managers.
  11. Yes, they claimed it was because the players felt it was Shearer's song which was utter bollocks.
  12. Kinda is though. Newcastle only has a population of 260,000. Man Utd average 72,000 and they have a population of 500,000 plus. Granted its split between two clubs but it's still asking for a lot of people to come to the area and help fill the stadium.
  13. It's not played any more so I hope it's brought back. Along with the proper version on Blaydon Races.
  14. In the long and distant past you could buy the bond to go with your season ticket. It not only guaranteed your seat (ha!) but also allowed you cup tickets if I remember rightly. It didn't happen with the Champions League football but I think that was after the bond. I'd be more than happy to pay extra a season for my seat for all cup games including Europe. Club you'd assume would be happy as if they did crap or majority away games, it's free cash but if they do well, it's full stadium.
  15. This suggests not https://www.statista.com/statistics/276617/sovereign-wealth-funds-worldwide-based-on-assets-under-management/
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