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  1. Whilst I agree with this, it would be nice if someone could get a hold of me if they needed to. At the minute it's like being back in the 90s (Though that's not all bad :))
  2. Hasn't it already been shown that the Arena site is already taken for housing development and also isn't big enough for a new stadium either. Pretty sure it was on one of those Youtube videos about the expansion.
  3. I believe you can still move bank account even when your account has been frozen so probably worth doing that. Might also be worth speaking to the banks fraud team rather than just a teller at the bank. You're more likely to find out what's going on. For speed though use the current account switch and move accounts.
  4. ToonTastic

    Homeowner stuff

    Nope, you can still get 95% mortgages but there isn't any mortgage insurance. Always thought that was a ridiculous con of the US market as I assume the rates they charge are larger for smaller deposits so they get their cover that way. You also pay mostly interest on the front end of the mortgage so they are sorted very early on and in profit even if they have to take your house off you and sell it. It's tougher getting 95% mortgages than it was once. Like Ben says, before the last crash you could get 125% no bother. Much more favourable rates if you can stick down 20-25%.
  5. I'm enjoying it, had to nick the young'uns Switch to play it like but all's fair. I'm taking it nice and slow because I'm enjoying it.
  6. Where did you hear those numbers ? I've heard so many different percentages thrown around for how many tickets were on sale.
  7. Didn't Targett miss 2 weeks of football with that
  8. Under Ashley he'd have scored plenty. Long balls up, basic crosses into the box. Burnley football basically.
  9. It'll be good to have a cracking atmosphere next to the away fans again. When Ashley changed all those seats to family seats when he got a bit of abuse, the atmosphere wasn't great. It started to get better at the end of last season so hopefully with some new fans in there and not just families it'll be good again.
  10. That would include those bought on members sale though. It was a percentage of tickets that had to be made available each game. Don't know if the rule still exists.
  11. ToonTastic

    Homeowner stuff

    Fingers crossed all goes well for you on this. Keep saving while it's all going through as well cause searches are ridiculous at the minute. Taking around 10 weeks for some searches to come back in Durham.
  12. Original creators have made a new version of Monkey Island. As someone who was a child and loved the first Monkey Island, I cannot wait. https://returntomonkeyisland.com/ Ron Gilbert has already come out and said he's not going to talk about the game any more until launch due to trolls giving them hell for the graphics. Personally it took a little while to get used to them but I love them now. Reminds me of the complaints when Monkey Island 3 came out and people complained that it looked to real and they shouldn't have moved from pixels. Pleased to see Guybrush is the same voice as well
  13. ToonTastic

    Foo Fighters

    I'm all booked up to go. Couldn't believe how quickly Wembley hotels got snapped up mind. Even the stupid priced rooms.
  14. There are a few posts on Youtube using Pancake swap and Trust Wallet, does that not work for you ?
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