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German match-fixing inquiry probes 200 games.

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Just saw it on the Spanish news, found this link on BBC.com



Match-fixing inquiry probes 200 European football games

Football (file image)

All the suspect games are believed to have been played this year


Around 200 European football matches are under investigation in a match-fixing inquiry, German prosecutors have revealed.


At least three of the games were in the Champions League, officials said.


Matches under investigation were played in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Austria.


On Thursday police made 17 arrests across Europe in connection with the inquiry.


Prosecutors believe a criminal gang has bribed players, coaches, referees and officials to fix games and then made money by betting on the results.


The investigation is being carried out by German authorities and supported by the European football body, Uefa.


On Friday, prosecutors said about 50 police raids had been carried out in Germany, the UK, Switzerland and Austria.


Fifteen people had been arrested in Germany and two in Switzerland and more than 1m euros (£900,000) in cash and property were seized, they said.


Games under suspicion include three from the Champions League and 12 from the Europa League, formerly known as the Uefa Cup.


All the matches are believed to have taken place this year although prosecutors did not specify if they were qualifying games or group-round matches.


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