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  1. Need to win this really, wouldn't like to go into Liverpool then Manure matches without a win in awhile. 3pts here and go into the scousers match with confidence, and hopefully carry that through to Wembley. I'd start Isak and Gordon.
  2. Can Isak play? If not, i expect Howe will bring in Murphy, not ASM and put Big Joe into Midfield. 0-0.
  3. Karjala


    Boro have a couple playing in the world cup, what about the unwashed?
  4. Karjala


    Huddersfield match is a must win for them.
  5. Karjala


    I still think the difference between us finishing 7 or 8th or finishing top 5 is going to be upfront. Wilson is fantastic, nobody can argue against it, but we basically know he won't stay fit and we've now hopefully got Isak to replace him so hopefully covered there. 2 more next to Wilson, i can't help but feel as great as Almiron's goals have been, they aren't going to last forever, then we've got Maxi, who's either injured or has 1 great performance every 3 or 4 matches. I wouldn't be disappointed if either were replaced by a top-class upgrade. Fraser and Murphy, both try hard but i don't believe either are Champions League level, if that's what we wish to be.
  6. Karjala


    Looking at it from the other side, Fury must be sick of all this Chisora being useless crack, and for all i am also one who thinks its a pretty bad fight, i can see his reasoning, IF (and it is an IF) he is wanting 3 fights next year including Usyk first up. He's right in what he says, Chisora is basically as game as anyone - Wilder just fought an absolute waste of time in Helenius and nobody seemed too bothered. They've been through a list of opponents and let's be honest, outside of Joshua, Usyk and Joyce, who would make a good fight? Usyk said he's not ready as did Joyce, Eddie doesnt want the fight, and then we start going through a list of no-hopers, inc Chisora. Personally i'd wished he could have waited an extra couple of weeks and had a better opponent of course... Lets hope he fights Usyk and Joyce next year. If Wilder can't knock him out, i don't see anybody else doing it.
  7. Karjala


    Surely people would now be disappointed with anything below 8th? Playing as best we have played in 20 years, best defence in the league and only one 139th minute loss at Liverpool. 4 PL games left this calendar year, would take 8pts from them if you offered now, but there's potential for more.
  8. Nice salary for Northumberland Council's new main woman, should have no problems paying her gas and electric with that.
  9. Karjala

    Energy prices

    Got new windows installed in the spring time and now the summer is over we are already massively seeing the difference. The last windows were 18 years old and pretty much every room you could feel a draft in.
  10. Karjala


    Sounds a bit OTT but i think every game is massive this year, the team has so much potential. The position we've put ourselves in now means we can probably say 5 points from the next 3 would be a good return, after 3 at spuds. But, 6 would of course be even better!
  11. Karjala


    If Wigan had held on, mackems would have dropped to 18th... tight league so far.
  12. As already pointed out, when Ashley stuck Sports Direct on the side, it was for his, not the club's benefit. This is much, much different.
  13. For sure the next major test of the owners is going to come within a year when a top team comes in with a ridiculous offer for Bruno.
  14. Karjala


    Find it a bit hard to believe people would really be happy with a 10th place finish. Bare minimum for me at the start of the season was 8th, anything less and it would be an underachievement. Given that most of our main contenders for 7th and 8th have started very poorly, i'd be even more disappointed if we were 10th at the end of the season.
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