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  1. Karjala

    Energy prices

    Don't think you'll really see much difference to be honest. Both of our last 2 homes had old boilers when we moved in, and we had Combi's fitted. Can't say we noticed any difference in bills, but preferred the water pressure and constant supply of hot water, as well as the piece of mind that it shouldn't go wrong.
  2. The numbers don't lie, this is our worst squad we've ever had, still using players we signed to get us out of the Championship. 1 win in 20 Worst defence in a PL calendar year in history 3pts away from home in 9 games home loss to Cambridge The 2 seasons Rafa was here we stayed up basically on our defensive record (conceding 47 and 48) - this season we've already shipped 43 in 20. Bruce's first season was pretty much saved by defenders scoring Bruce's second season was saved by Willock signing and going on a record scoring run (we were 17th 3pts
  3. So to be a Toon fan, you have to reckon we are going to win every game? Not allowed to be realistic and say it as it is - we are 19th and have won 1 game out of 22 all season? Home support has been superb, and i'm sure it will be until the end. Fans will support the team regardless, but to say people aren't toon fans because they are negative about winning 1 game in 22, is just ridiculous.
  4. All the people saying we 'only' need 6 wins, or we need 8 wins, how likely is it given that we've won 1 from 20 (or 22 inc cups)? Norwich have put themselves in pole position now, 4 wins from 22, and i'd say its just as likely, or more likely they'll win 4 from their last 16, than us winning 6 from 18. Norwich have home games against Palace, Brentford, Burnley, Newcastle, and away matches at Southampton, Wolves, Villa, Brighton and Leeds - and one things for sure , they haven't given up.
  5. Norwich look the most likely team to get out of the relegation scrap tbf. Games in hand mean nothing when you aren't capable of winning them.
  6. 2 awful teams who are both currently above us.
  7. How many points do you think 18th place will require, and how many do you think we will get? 12 from 20 so far, i think it would be a huge ask for us to get 21 from the last 18, and indeed even 18 from 18 will be tough. That means Brentford only need another 7 to 10 points from their final 17 games, which is definitely achievable. Leeds have too much and Everton will be safe too. Its down to 3 from 4. We missed a huge opportunity on Sat against Watford, and could well be cut loose within the next week.
  8. For weeks/months we've continued this "if we beat *insert next opponent* and get 5 points from the next 4 games" and at no stage have we managed that. Likewise, we've been having "must win" home games for at least 8 weeks, and won 1 of them. Amazingly, despite failing at every opportunity, we are still not mathematically out of it, but i fear we've missed our chances and a gap will begin to grow soon. I thought Leeds and Everton might get dragged into it, but can pretty much rule that out now. Watford have 2 matches before we go to Elland Road, can only hope there's n
  9. Karjala


    If Joe had put in half of his chances this season, we'd be above Everton.
  10. Karjala

    Ryan Fraser

    We seem to have plenty of players who "put a shift in" but actually contribute nothing.
  11. Nearly a 100 PL appearances for us now, and a grand total of 8 goals. Not been involved in a single goal this season. Yet another player simply not good enough.
  12. Karjala


    The last couple of seasons the mackems have been the ones with games in hand and we know how that ended up... I think Wigan has the title, but can't be sure Rotherham will get 2nd. Wycombe doing well too. Think mackems will be in the play offs, but unfortunately still in a good place for automatic.
  13. If Watford beat Burnley, we go 5pts behind them with a much worse GD. Watford then play Norwich before we face Leeds - its not impossible we could be 7pts behind Leeds in 17th when we play them next weekend. Guess we need Watford to draw both games against Burnley and Norwich. Norwich haven't given up yet at least. Every single statistic about us makes us deserve to be where we are - 4th worst scorers, 2nd worst defence, least wins, 2nd worst GD, 1 win in 22 games inc cups, 3pts from 9 games away, record PL goals conceded in a calendar year. Championship pla
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