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  1. Thank, it looks like he'll take on Piqué's role, then.
  2. We've signed Kessiè (Milan) and Christensen (Chelsea) on frees. Can't say I've followed them. Any opinion? Also, Dembelé remains unattached after nearly a week, confirming that nobody (rightfully) wants to meet his astronomical demands. There's talk we may resign him in a short contract, which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
  3. I remember Colo getting massive stick in his first season.
  4. We drew yesterday and secured second place in La Liga. This is important because it gives us a spot in the new Supercopa, which is rather lucrative thanks to your overlords the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Given how dire things were looking before December, I'll honestly take this. Getting kicked out of the EL left a bit of a sour taste, we were on a high back then and it seemed we could go all the way. But ultimately this squad still needs lot of work, and we are not out of the woods financially so there's little room for big signings. Nonetheless, we have a spine of very talented young lads, which makes me optimistic for the future. Heck, even with our issues I think that if Pedri manages 40+ games next season we'll be up there. He's that special.
  5. Cheick vs Arsenal. Incredible goal to cap an incredible comeback. Honorary mention to Lovënkrands vs West Brom on account of how emotional it was.
  6. Piqué and the Spanish FA have found themselves in a bit of a pickle. Piqué runs a sports event company, which partnered with the Spanish FA to create the new Spanish Supercopa, played in Saudi Arabia (hooray). The Spanish FA got hacked a few weeks ago, and some whatsapp convos between Piqué and the FA president have been leaked. Piqué's company is getting a phat fee (but this was known), but what has drawn public attention (again, this was in the contracts, but it wasn't widely known), is that the Saudis pay more money if Real Madrid or Barça qualify. Essentially, if Barça finishes second instead of say, Atlético or Sevilla, The FA gets 8 more million. That's the kind of stuff that will throw the integrity of the competition in doubt.
  7. Massive touting. It's being said that around 20k STs are directly or indirectly controlled by touts. Touting is extremely lucrative, Barça STs are very cheap compared to other big European clubs, and demand is sky-high. This has been an issue for decades, but the club has never dropped the hammer on it because STs are votes. Laporta has announced it will move to digital personalised tickets to make it harder to resell tickets outside of the club free seat system. Will see.
  8. Possibly? Or the PL. You keep being mentioned in the articles, but I think it's more "let's link player XXX with all the clubs with money".
  9. We're finally extending Araujo's contract. He'd been linked to the PL given that he had a pretty affordable release fee (€50m). Would have sucked if we lost the first competent CB we stumble upon in quite a while. Now only Gavi and Dembele's need new contracts and we'd have secured our young spine. I'm not confident on extending Dembelé, though, he's just asking for too much money given our financial situation.
  10. The Ukrainians seem to be claiming that it's not them (but there are conflicting statements), but still can't see it being a false flag. The Russians would have chosen something less important to them than an oil depot, like an apartment block full of people.
  11. Will see about Dembelé. We're still very constrained by our financial situation and he's asking for a lot of money. Still think he's Premier-bound, or maybe PSG.
  12. Also, my current boss - whom I despise - is a RM fan. It's going to be a really nice day.
  13. He's been amazing. I thought he was a meh signing, so happy to have been so wrong.
  14. Man, I'm *this* close to taking my pants off.
  15. Patrick Van Aanholt. Now that is a name I haven't heard in a long time.
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