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I'm anticipating a Dyer injury, i know that much.

Must admit a full 90 at the pace yeah I am waiting for it too.

If he is not injured then maybe just maybe they have cracked it.


He'll probably be rested for Vigo anyway, with the weekend game in mind. Three full games in a week won't do Dyer any good i don't reckon, so he'll probably only get 20-30 minutes on Thursday - i think that's probably best. That's if Roeder's got any sense.


Besides which, we've got our cup hero fit so Martins and Sibierski an play upfront.

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Rest Dyer. We're basically through already. There's no need to risk any of the first-teamers against Celta. Fuck the getting first place or what not, if we're going to win the trophy, we're going to have to beat the best teams sooner or later so why not now? Blood in some of the youngsters and just let them play.

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