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  1. Skirge

    Dan Burn

    Ripping off part of Mings shirt then throwing it into the crowd was a highlight today
  2. Three in a row man, got our club back got our noise back. Scrapy win is a win
  3. He passed away mate 5 years ago, was only 10.. cancer
  4. Still buzzing... Bruno man a few mins of pure magic. ASM what a talent, surround him with more & more quality then we will see his very best.
  5. Strength in depth is something we have lacked for so long. We gave always been an injury away from trotble, top clubs double up quality for each position.
  6. True but a Sule agreement as long as we stay up, we snooze we lose
  7. Yup and add Botman & Sule we could play 3 at the back
  8. A pre conteact agreement with Sule for the summer would be great business, take him over Carlos at stupid money
  9. Skirge

    Energy prices

    We order an EV then they ramp up prices again. If it rises to 30p per KW than a home EV charger at 7 Kw/ph £2.10 per hour to charge & on average will be a 6 hour charge. We will have to weigh it up now & maybe just keep the hybrid
  10. Does Bruno compliment Shelvey or show him up ? Last thing we need is Shelvey trying outdo Bruno's passing range. Been nice of late to see Shelvey not trying to hit constant magic long balls.
  11. Skirge

    Jesse Lingard

    Lad must be livid
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