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New Captain?


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Who would you choose?


Really I don't think we could buy in a captain, maybe a future captain but not straight off the belt. I'd have liked to have given it to Joey, but his latest outburst has all but sealed his departure. So what does that leave us with? Smith has been told to find a new club, so the natural step in a club to promote a vice captain is invalid in this case while experience in the starting XI is limited, and almost exclusively to foreign based players. Harper could be a decent captain, only he's the third best keeper at the club, while experienced/older English players such as Ameobi and Mike Williamson need to fully concentrate on their own game and cannot afford to be distracted, same goes for Steven Taylor who'd obviously love it and his roots would make him a contender, unfortunately all of his limited attention span needs to be focused on him improving his own game. He'd be like a Cattermole style captain imo.


So that really leaves Colo & Tiote. I've no idea how their communication within the camp comes across, whether there is any language or personality barriers, but on the pitch these two are the first two names anyone would pick, meaning they can lead by example, influence the game and the players around them, really just by being there whenever fit. Choosing between the two becomes a little bit more difficult for me. Colo is peaking, we can all see his influence and calmness, however, is he too calm to be a captain? Would this cause a distraction for him? Can he communicate enough both on and off the pitch to stamp his authority? As for Tiote, for me is better placed in the park for a captain, his workrate and determination shines through, he too influences games and gives off an aura you really wouldn't want to mess with, but has a tendency to get booked, miss games and be a little rash. Would he become too involved, want to tackle that little bit harder when in reality we need for him to calm down a tad. He also probably needs another season in the prem if I'm honest.


So out of the two stand out candidates (IMO) Colo just edges it, but I wonder if he's too soft to really grab the team, especially off the pitch, and whether his expensive and running out contract would count against him? Maybe Pardew and Tiote's 6 year deal signals something, that Pardew sees him as the boss in midfield and leader of the team under his new shaped squad?


Anyway, who would you choose and who do you think it will be? I want Colo, can see it being Tiote (unless i'm totally forgetting a name here, which isn't springing to mind)



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