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Premier League Transfer Grades

gazza ladra

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I was unsure how to score our summer window. Is it scored relative to past windows? Relative to the windows of other clubs?


Was reading around seeing what various sites/pundits were saying.  


A query returned something from NBC near the top. (Because I’m in the US? Because of my query: “transfer window grades”).  Anyway, they grades (A-F) posted. For some perspective, I looked at the grades given for last summer’s window (2021-22). Resigning Lukaku and Ronaldo don’t seem so smart now. Our D- was generous.


Club, 21-22, 22-23
Arsenal D, A-

Aston Villa B+, C+
Bournemouth x, D

Brentford B-, B

Burnley C-, x

Brighton C, B

Chelsea B+, B

Palace C, C

Everton C, C

Fulham x,B+

Leeds C, B+

Leceister B+, D-

Liverpool C , B-

Manchester City C+, A-

Man United  A, B

Newcastle United D-, A-

Forest x, B

Norwich B+, x

Southampton  C+, B+

Tottenham B, A-

Watford C+, x

West Ham United B, B+

Wolves D,C+

Thought it might be interesting to hear what NO thinks of how our rivals did.  


I couldn’t possibly give grades or numbers (7.3). And in some instances, I’ll just admit I don’t have a clue (Southampton, Forest). Chelsea and Man United spent, but did they really do that well?


Good: Arsenal, Newcastle United, Tottenham, Manchester City

Blah: Aston Villa, Leeds

Bad: Bournemouth, Brighton, Everton, Leceister City, Liverpool



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3 hours ago, gazza ladra said:

Yeah, for us. 

I thought the Man United score was interesting. Last year's A, doesn't seem so good now.


Only because of the Ronaldo situation. Since Maguire was dropped Varane has been brilliant and Sancho has been our best attacking outlet. 


Ronaldo did score 24 goals last year like. He'll be a good super sub. :lol:

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