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  1. "Hi, I'm Strip Club Mike. Nice to meet me."
  2. I like it. I got something similar for going to Norway tomorrow.
  3. Froggy

    The Last of Us

    Perfect way to end it IMO. With Ellie dying but creating the cure.
  4. Not if the injuries are in centre midfield. Should also remind you we have Wout Weghorst starting every game for us.
  5. There is the potential for Kane to not only break Shearers record, but smash it. It's maybe a better debate in three or four years time. Kane isn't there yet.
  6. I get that but two of those were the first two games. Ten Hag was just in the job. We didn't have Casemiro yet and had to play McFred. We were also playing Maguire as Varane wasn't fit. Our only unacceptable result since August has been losing to Villa in my opinion. I'm very happy with that given that we're still in every competition as well.
  7. I think a lot of you (not you) are being super harsh on yourselves. It's squad depth. Your style of play requires a strong bench and your bench is poor. Said it earlier in the season, its only a matter of time before the depth is there. When you're able to bring quality subs on instead of Murphy you'll win games like yesterday. Gordon going to help massively. He's a good player.
  8. Strange enough take this. we've been good for 90% of the season. We're not close to you by the way, you're close to us.
  9. This throttle didn't count obviously. Maybe it's two hands for a red card? VAR is shite.
  10. should have fired another striker on and went for it with ten men.
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