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  1. Lukaku doesn't fit our style of play at all. Cavani will do for another season until Greenwood is ready. Only City scored more than us last season. Up top doesn't worry me any more. A serious amount of talent there.
  2. £14.6m a season over 5 years. This isn't a display of any sort of spending power. If Varane comes in he will have the squad to challenge and will be expected to do so. Our team is excellent now. Just needs a centre back and a defensive midfielder to be perfect.
  3. I'm the same. although I'm a fat cunt so it makes sense.
  4. Froggy


    Sister in law is a nurse in Belfast. Covid cases up 142%. She said they're starting to get overrun again and it's mostly younger people.
  5. Up from the Championship but they spent well over £100m last summer didn't they? He hasn't coached any "top" teams so to speak, but not sure how that can be used as a positive for him. I love the way his teams play. Joy to watch. It was also a joy to watch Brendan Rodgers at Swansea and Roberto Martinez at Wigan. He's an excellent manager with an excellent philosophy (the way he sticks to his principles is why the likes of Guardiola love him, as he does the exact same thing whether its working or not), but he's not one of the greats and certainly not the f
  6. I'm deadly serious. I'm not slating the man. I think he's class. I love his philosophy. At the same time I don't see him as one of the greats and certainly not anywhere near the finest example of a football genius. I haven't seen a plan B from him. I respect the ideology but the likes of him coming to Old Trafford last season with the mindset he did was a huge mistake. He'll have his big wins like 5-0 against WBA and 5-2 against Newcastle, but I can't call someone a genius who can also lose 4-1 to Leicester and Palace. The amount of goals they shipped to
  7. I really, really like Bielsa but I think this is all a bit much. He's been coaching for 40 years and won very, very little and pretty much nothing in Europe. I don't really understand people acting like he's one of the best coaches ever.
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    Stay away from Marron's arse. Moisture is a breeding ground.
  9. An incredible way to throw some shade. I love it.
  10. Froggy


    It's 92% effective against Delta.
  11. The Forever Purge. I have an irrational love for these movies.
  12. Took a random notion to go on to Gamstop today and self exclude myself from all betting sites for 5 years. Don't even do badly when betting like but can't help shake the notion its a massive waste of money. Probably kick myself when the NFL returns.
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