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    I think this is the most common experience. The people with side effects just talk louder.
  2. Surely people can understand why Everton fans don't want Rafa? Even if they're being petulant about it.
  3. I'll do that like. It's 2000 calories instead of 2100.
  4. Do you use a stats website for these or just going for it yourself?
  5. Froggy


    His knee is gone. I think the end is near. Time waits for no man.
  6. I remember liking Keys and Gray years ago. That Twitter video is repulsive.
  7. I don't think they were too far away. Always seen a potential contender but expected to fall short against the likes of France.
  8. I hope you're trying to wind me up, as he was one of the best players on the pitch.
  9. Last 16 also. Gives me a great chance to get my tickets back if they stand by the priority access promise.
  10. Froggy


    Didn't he basically get a free 50-60 weeks at #1 due to Covid? Also, favourable H2H as Federer is almost 40. It's 27-23 and Djokovic has won 8 of the last 10 over the last few years. Those records are a bit skewed. Djokovic is great, but he is not the greatest. Ronaldo could win more trophies, more Ballon d'Or awards etc. but we all know that Messi is the greatest. It's the same here. Federer is just pure, fluid tennis.
  11. Froggy

    2018 - Finished

    E3 2018? Sort your lives out mods.
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