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  1. I don't think any fan has ever adored him as a manager. just hoped he would improve more than what he did. Personally, I'd never demand a manager be sacked, regardless of my thoughts. I'll support him until the end and just hope the club makes the right decision.
  2. You have probably just seen me be more defensive on here because of the sheer amount of abuse he gets. I get it, it's a Newcastle fan board and its to be expected, but maybe that's why it seems like I'm the only one defending him. It was more hope than anything. A legend coming back to the club when it's in a bad way and taking them from 6th to the title is dream stuff.
  3. Is it really that hard to understand why Ole has the support he does? The rest of your post is pretty much spot on. He can't control games and keep the opposition under pressure. We were fine when we weren't expected to win the league. Now that a challenge is expected he's crumbling. It's what we feared, but calls for his head before the start of this season were pathetic. He deserved the chance.
  4. The general feeling now is that he's taken us as far as he is can and we're ready for the change. Most sensible fans can see the good job that he done, and we were really hopeful that he would be able to challenge with us but it's not looking at all possible. He brought the good feeling back around the club and progressed us from where we were under LVG and Jose, but against European managers and managers from other clubs in the top 6 he's getting tactically outclassed. He might get us close to some trophies but the squad is too good to not be challenging on all fronts.
  5. Haven't a fucking clue. It's a very important appointment.
  6. Ole dangerously close to the end now. Defeat on Wednesday could seal his fate. He's done very well and laid an unbelievable foundation and built a great side. Still don't think we would go for Conte mind.
  7. There was a lengthy message after saying there would basically be no more vetos. I'll still be on that beach.
  8. Well I cancelled the trade myself. A few moaners so didn't want that being an excuse when I win the thing. Perfectly fine trade. The ones putting the complaints in are the ones you would expect. Also bitched about a Leffe trade but I refused to veto it since we're all grown men and can make our own decisions.
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    So fucking boring too. I've played eight games on seasons now and I've drawn PSG every game except one.
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