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  1. How far back do those numbers go? Is that for this season alone? Didn't see anything in the reddit.
  2. Well we're a hell more likely to take points off West Ham, Spurs, Arsenal, Wolves with a player like Lingard than without. afew more signings to convince them that we're not going down, and they'll see the benefit in sellng.
  3. Yeah, I saw that. But if Lille are three points off a spot in Europe, Lyon are only four points off themselves. I saw 10th and 11th in the table and jumped to conclusions.
  4. Should probably focus on cash-strapped European clubs. I've convinced myself that nobody in the PL is going to do anything except dick us around. European clubs competing titles or the Champions League aren't going to sell. Lyon, Lazio, Valencia, Eintracht Frankfurt... have they got any body to sell? Still, getting knocked back by Lille.
  5. Surprised by the fond memories of Marveaux. He was impressive when compared with Obertan, but otherwase meh. Was quite sad about seeing Merino go.
  6. Really enjoyed that game. Nothing personal against Algeria, I had no preference when it started, but I'm all in for Ivory Coast now.
  7. Joelinton does it fine, and has been used as a midfielder.
  8. Regarding going to a back three... I read somewhere that Howe spent some timre watching Athletico Madrid. Steal his wingback and lift his system?
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