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  1. Romano is saying McKennie to Leeds?
  2. Yeah, remember Isak and Krafth. Would love to see Schar and Gordon. The contrast.
  3. Not sure. Fraser has been effectively frozen out of the squad hasn’t he? And Ritchie appears to be a member of the coaching staff at this point. I’d prefer to play Frser, but have the sense that Ritchie has some Lascelles-like value.
  4. No mention of host cities. We’ve been really lucky getting games in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fingers crossed. Perhaps they’ll pick host cities that are missing out on the World Cup.
  5. Same people bragged about get Tarkowski while we got someone they never heard of from France.
  6. Is this Everton side better than the Burnley side that went down?
  7. If both Wilson and Isak go down, Joelinton is our striker this season. No?
  8. Really? Hadn’t seen that. Maybe I lack the mad Google skills. Don’t see anything recent. Swedish media?
  9. Obvious opportunity for making the change was over the World Cup break. At this late time, Dyche is really their only option.
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