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"I won't panic buy" WOT?


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Guest SmileyCulture

Who's to say he doesn't have 2-3 players on his mind that hes been watching all season and just hasn't told the press about it?


Just because he hasn't signed anyone yet doesn't mean he isn't bothering/isn't prepared for the signing window. If a few of the deals he's put to players/agents/clubs don't fall through all he's saying is he won't go out and buy players because they seem to fit without actualy thoroughly checking them out, myself i'd prefer him sign noone rather than buy 2-3 players that are "good" but turn out to be absolute shite in the newcastle team because they don't fit the style we play.

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Roeder ye lazy git! The cockney says he won't "panic buy". What? He's had half the season to think about possible targets.


Better win tommorrow man....


Bloody Hell!    :roll:


By "panic buy", he's refering I guess to the clubs acquisitions in previous jan windows (ie under souness).

I for one would rather him invest in a player that will improve the squad long-term rather than buy someone like Amdy Faye. And why do some numptys solely blame the manager?

He gives the list of targets to the chairman and who then goes out and gets them.

But he can only do that when he knows how much cash he has to spend and who is available.


I know we need bodies in but come on, it is only the first week of Jan and no one wants to release their decent players until the summer, if at all.


Brilliant thread, you either have been drinking or have the patience of a 4 year old.

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Guest Gemmill

I can't believe he's ruling out panic buying tbh.  Freddy won't be happy to hear this.  He fucking LIVES for a bit of panic buying.

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