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  1. I've bet on tennis for a good few years now and I've learned that long odds come in more often than in for example football. If you are looking for good value long odds I suggest you start monitoring tennis, especially womens tennis. I have no facts to back this up, but it is OFTEN the case that player A goes 1 set up and then messes it up in the 2nd set. By then you will have backed player B. Long story short but wanted to share.
  2. Agree, wtf does Shelvey bring to this team? Disgrace to the armband of Cpt.
  3. Nufc and Utah jazz double at 4/1
  4. Looking forward to watching Lingard and Saka.
  5. We have a sad mackem bastard managing our shit football team
  6. Hands by his sides, rather unusual Makes no sense. Only seen it a couple of times but looks as though he should’ve easily just punched it away? The fool probably thought it was a back pass.......or, he hates Bruce and wants us to lose.
  7. Depends. Sky have the best boosts and offers, 365 usually best for cards and bet builders, PP best for shots on target. In terms of pure odds on teams to win Sky are usually worst Thanks. I don't usually bet I just feel tempted to back us based on those stupid odds Calmin referred to I'll give yous 70/1 for a 1-3 result tonight.
  8. and Bruce knows it. He'll aim for a 1-0 from for a counter attack goal. My prediction is this will end 0-0.
  9. You're far from paranoid. I feel the above is the most likely scenario unfortunatly.
  10. Over 1 card for Stoke and Birmingham 3.5/1, both teams like a card and they are refereed tomorrow by card happy officials. Thanks for info! I have backed this on your knowledge/research rather than price.
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