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  1. I got the 1974 home kit for £25 from Castore. Don't think it's Castore made but came pretty quickly too.
  2. We'd likely go for a cheaper option but that'd be the biggest statement signing we could make I reckon. Much better than a Robinho type. Rice could be our Kompany for years.
  3. Aye, having the second biggest spend in the last 5 years wasn't enough.
  4. Trippier free-kick v Everton a year ago today. After the Leeds away win this was the one that had me convinced we'd stay up easily.
  5. They just want their closed shop. Fuck them. Would love Liverpool to become a shite mid-table club.
  6. Yep. It's bollocks. Makes me want them to pip Arsenal to the title even more.
  7. The season when they won about 9 games in a row, were clear at the top looking great, then sacked Burley for Rix was something else.
  8. Because they're the ones who've been hit the hardest by Man City disrupting their dominance whether it be titles or almost guaranteed CL qualifications every year. If they could return to 97-03 where it was pretty much just them with the occasional but not sustained threat from the likes of Leeds, us, pre-Roman Chelsea, they'd love it.
  9. The only people winning from whatever happens to City are Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal.
  10. Ah man, takes me back to my Larne save and taking them to the last 8 of the CL against Borussia Dortmund. Only annoying thing was having to still play in that Iru-Bru Cup or whatever it was against the lower league Scottish teams when in the middle of a CL campaign. Might have to do another one.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CoUz_rmvgKx/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY= Well this is pretty cool.
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