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  1. Just put his name in Twitter, closed the app.
  2. Steve Redgrave getting his last Olympic gold in Sydney.
  3. I’ve been to Hearts, Gateshead & Hebburn games the last few seasons before lockdown and it’s far more enjoyable. Less arseholes too, first two sets of fans who literally saved the club from going to the wall, the other ambitious at the level they’re at. Puts our club and fans to shame.
  4. This might be the thing that stops his weird hero status here. He’s a horrible man.
  5. 3 years ago, Leeds & Villa weren’t even on our radar. Now we’re nowhere near them. Sickening.
  6. Definitely a Newcastle fan(s).
  7. If this isn’t evidence that he’s being ‘parked’ over there ready for a shady Granada/Watford/Udinese style transfer to us because the takeover is going ahead, I don’t know what is.
  8. The majority seem to be against giving Ashley money, going to games, anti-Bruce…whereas if you look on the comments on Twitter, Facebook, etc there’s still an awful lot that are saying they’re not stopping going, etc. That account seems to go against that.
  9. No but could be someone on here I reckon. His posts are very in-keeping with the main opinions on here.
  10. Looks like Ramsdale to Arsenal for £25m is getting closer. I know this move is getting a bit of stick but was his record with two relegated clubs any worse than Pickford’s season at Sunderland? Don’t really have much of an opinion on him either way yet but thought he looked a prospect to start with at Bournemouth.
  11. Paying him compo would be acceptance they’re in the wrong. Don’t think they’ll dare go down that route.
  12. Not sure how strong the Hartlepool team was but they’ve just stuffed them 4-1. Cedwyn Scott with two more.
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