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  1. It’s a shame Coventry have dropped off a bit. Either them or Forest coming up with Blackburn would have been nice.
  2. Some job by Tony Mowbray, like. Hope they go up.
  3. Leicester beating Southampton 9-0 to break their record wounded them.
  4. Wrexham have just signed Ollie Palmer from AFC Wimbledon. Looks like he’s been playing regularly for them too. They’re definitely going all out. £300k for a 30 year old in the National League man.
  5. Who was it that used to post ‘smeeagain’, would post a brilliantly shit joke, and that would be it?
  6. Balotelli back in the Italy squad.
  7. A £10m loan fee with some silly clause where he gets a permanent 2 year contract automatically if we stay up but with a £5m release clause for that first summer if he wants to go still. I know if doesn’t exist but would be something that would suit all parties.
  8. I’d only just posted back on there a couple weeks ago. Sorry.
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