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  1. I think they translate the currency from Euros. You could get €3 for £2 in 2005 so on their calculator that’ll make Owen more expensive when they’re converting €24m at today’s rate.
  2. O Fortuna, yes! Remember the start of one season running out to Eminem for a few games because the likes of Dyer wanted it…and Kurt Angle’s music.
  3. Bruce has nailed the middle ground in that he’s too shit to park the bus and too shit as an attacking outlet other than give the ball to ASM & Almiron and get them to run with the ball for 60 yards.
  4. I think Jones will stay on in the same way Cathro did at first under Benitez.
  5. Jarrow Song, Blitzkrieg Bop, Blaydon Races then Local Hero. Used to love getting in 15-20 mins early.
  6. I don’t think it’d take much to get us going. Howe, Martinez, etc have an identity, while they’re not my first choices anymore I still think they’d see us clear given 30 games.
  7. I think he will be. Doubt the Chairman will be here every week so perfect chance to do it face to face.
  8. New Radicals next please. Was Blitzkrieg Bop there?
  9. Tyler fell into the ‘he’s had to do it on a shoestring’ narrative as well during commentary, despite Sky Sports themselves saying he’s had the 8th biggest net spend since he took over as manager.
  10. Please, please, please sack off that fans version of Blaydon Races and bring back the one we had.
  11. Still just 1 goal in 7 games, dropped yesterday and his replacement scored the winner.
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