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Tickets for UEFA cup game, hard to get?

Guest kesse

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Hi guys!


Me and my family are planning a trip overseas to Newcastle the thursday 22 of February, that means I might have a chance to see Newcastle play Zulte-Wareg in the Uefa cup.


Do you think it will be hard to get tickets??  :thup:

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I would probably reckon your better off planning your holiday to be in Newcastle on either Sat the 10th Feb Liverpool H or Sat 3rd of March Middlesborough H.


If you plan ahead tickets wont be too hard to come by and these games will give you an all round better experience of Newcastle the club and the city.



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You'll have no trouble whatsoever mate. Pay on the gate, simple as you like.


Whereabouts you coming from? Been before?


Nice. I come from Norway, and I've been i Newcastle some times now.. But I've never seen an UEFA cup game.


Is it really that easy to get tickets? 


Hopefully there will be some fans that show up at St.James because thats some of the reason why my family is coming over, to watch a game with great atmosphere.


The best thing to do would of course be to see a Boro or Pool game.

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Its really easy to get tickets for the cup games, you probably won't be able to just turn up at the Liverpool or Boro games without a ticket though, but a certain number will go on general sale just before.



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