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Things that really boil my piss!

Guest hindu times

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Guest hindu times

A) The amount of people who phone up radio stations to criticise a manager for a result that was purely down to Milner, Solano, and (to a lesser extent) N'Zogbia's inabailty to put a good cross into the box when given an opportunity.


B) The amount of people who are quick to criticise Martins (Bob Moncur for example). I wonder if anyone noticed today how many runs he made in vain. I watched him intently and although his first touch is a little bit dodgy, he made at least 9 (that I counted) runs between their centre halves, and only twice did our players notice he was making them. Fair enough, he should have done better with his opportunities, but the criticism that is thrown his way is ridiculous. I caught the end of the post match Century phone in and they were slating him.


C) The amount of people sat around me who were moaning that the atmosphere wasn't very good, but did shag all to try and put that right.




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On point A, tbf, crossing the ball in makes little difference with our little players up front, which is why I thought taking Milner off for the Sib was stupid.


Bob Moncur and Malcolm MacDonald are pathetic when it comes to Martins. They'd both quite happily sit and slag him off for the whole show.


Definitely agree with D, same goes for Milner. We seem afraid to switch the play and prefer the easy short pass, which acheives fuck all.

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Zog was fucked in the last 30 minutes. Be fair to the lad he hasn't played for 3 months.


Every single time him or Milner got the ball, there was two men on them straight away. We couldn't capitilise on this, due to our totally one-dimensional game. If the wingers can't cross, we have nowt to offer.

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Guest Douga

we have no movement upfront

for two striker who cant hold anything up we should really just be making ruuns all day

But instead we hump it long and hope for the smallest players on the pitch to win a ball against englands best defender

When Bramble gets the ball he has no option ut the keper

If he gives it to the keeper he gets slaughtered and if he boots it up the field he gets raped

The only cap parker should have is a fake burberry one!!!

Shocking no inspiration!

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Guest clarkyshan

a. poor crossing

b. dyer has no heart or strength to be a forward. and even then craig belllamy sort of hassling would of done.

c. a whole team frightened to shoot from 30 yrds

d. zoggy getting involved to much in the centre when he should be like milner widening the game.



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