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  1. I remember being disappointed in Kluivert’s lackluster contributions to the side
  2. bulivye

    In Memoriam

    Ah right! Ignorant yank here, often out of the loop
  3. bulivye

    In Memoriam

    It’s showing up on my Twitter that Louise Wanless has died. Is this the ‘wheeze keys are these’ Louise? Serious question, btw, not trying to speak ill of the dead.
  4. bulivye

    Joe Willock

    This is going around Twitter dare we hope it’s true?
  5. Extra time to be played by the extra players— all the starters get taken off & replaced by all the subs on the bench 😛
  6. Couldn’t be bothered to show up to the photo shoot 🤣
  7. cheers everyone! and would deffo like to come across as the superior uncle who knows all the important influences!
  8. apologies if this is the wrong thread to ask, but am trying to connect with my nephew over music, i asked him if he liked this he said more like this can any of you recommend stuff that's more like the latter? cheers!
  9. i found this too: https://www.forbes.com/sites/harrydecosemo/2020/04/15/newcastle-united-fans-reaching-for-cans-as-takeover-gets-closer/#6816d4e026aa
  10. Presume its just because the pubs aren't open so it has to be cans to celebrate cheers!
  11. been out of the loop too long, i guess. so, i'm wondering what's with the 'cans' reference when it comes to the takeover?
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