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Rijkaard or Keane ?

Benwell Lad

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Seeing Roy Keane enjoying some success in his first managerial role (mind so did his predecessors until they had to do it in the big league) makes me wonder about why certain people are allowed to continue and prosper in the profession.

Football is an industry which will sell it's soul to the devil, we all know that, but in most professions these people would never be employed again once they've crossed a certain line.

Which was worst Rijkaard spitting in the face of a fellow professional in a world cup match and thereafter getting several managerial appointments or Keane's pre-meditated violence which ended the playing career of a fellow professional he held a grudge against ?


I'd probably opt for Keane's particular piece of nastiness, because as vile as spitting at someone is, it's not going to destroy his carreer and liveliehood.


Neither would have prospered in any honourable profession.

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Keane. Spitting's dirty, but absolutely twatting the f*** out of someone's knee and effectively ending their career is a million times worse.


Other knee tbh


Bollocks  :blush:.  Still, spitting in someone's hair is small fry compared to that 'tackle' by Keane.

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