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  1. Sima

    Gaming Hot Takes

    I much prefer Ori to Hollow Knight. Both of those games are beautiful imo.
  2. Sima


    To a man they used to refute my assertion that “You could beat us 9-1 every year if at the end of the season we were the champions”. They’d rather look an absolute moron (just as well) than agree with a Newcastle United supporter.
  3. Sima


    ‘Classy’. This is what I meant by them getting more and more ridiculous in their attempts to get likes and attention. No depth they won’t plumb.
  4. Looking forward to the William Storey patter making its way over to the mackem thread. #trampspiss #richenergy #radaghast #ferrari #f1
  5. As appalling as it is anyway, it wasn’t even a landmark number. What kind of manbaby cunt throws a 56th birthday party?
  6. We’re all cunts on here so have at it.
  7. I somehow don’t think that’s what Sade had in mind.
  8. NFTs need shot square in the face. ”Dude, check out my Ape” Fuck off.
  9. Aye, sent him a tweet wishing him all the best at the time. Gutted if he’s had a setback and hope he’s better soon. He and I had a colourful back and forth on there from time to time. Met Tom at the 6 Music festival at The Sage a good few years back. Sound lad.
  10. This feels like when WCW invaded Smackdown. Who’s playing Benoit?
  11. I’ve got news for you on that front.
  12. He was across both sites iirc.
  13. Argument could be made for going for two on the last TD watching the highlights again.
  14. Y u no kick it short, Sean
  15. Feel lower than I did post Watford.
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