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  1. Big fan of them remodelling the Gallowgate to one big block of safe standing/seating ala Dortmund and the yellow wall tbh.
  2. Nothing stopping them making the vertical spare space on the East Stand into executive boxes but that will involve some severe disruption to seating.
  3. Can’t wait for the RW press to try to tear down the HoL. ”TRAITORS!”
  4. That miss from McAtee. Just square it.
  5. 30p Lee new Deputy Chair of the Tories
  6. What an absolute knacker.
  7. Don't expect anything to happen with this once it gets anywhere near CAS.
  8. Sima


    Nearly as good as that Simon Grayson chant they used to have.
  9. Can’t trust any team to do a job, man.
  10. Sima

    Dan Burn

    I think we'd start leaking goals a lot more if Burn wasn't playing but he's starting to look a bit tired now and his performances have fallen off a little as a result.
  11. Sima


    At least they’ll get to take on Millwall fans and obviously bewt them all owa, marra.
  12. Sima


    How are 1970 Brazil losing to Millwall?
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