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  1. Sima


    Les Ferdinand - £8.55m (was £6m)
  2. Sima

    Steve Bruce

    If his title is 'Head Coach' could we not try to make his position redundant as we're appointing a 'Manager' and vice versa?
  3. Could have stadium wifi to alleviate the Cellular Data issues, like.
  4. Seeing as Conte is out of the equation seemingly, Emery then AVB for me.
  5. Would have loved someone to ask him how his criticism of the defence tallies up with him saying earlier in the week that no one could do better than Steve Bruce managing the club. Accountability for previous comments, though? Nah.
  6. Sima


    Anyone else with this cold have blocked ears? Mine have been done for days now.
  7. Sima

    Steve Bruce

    Almiron's decision making is amongst the worst I have seen and Lascelles was/is carried by the likes of Lejuene, Schar & Fernandez.
  8. Sima

    St. James' Park

    First time back since Rafa's Liverpool game and when I was in the Gallowgate I noticed that everything inside needs updated. Place is an absolute relic. The only part of the ground that looks vaguely up to date is the exterior of the SW corner.
  9. Mark Hughes These fuckers are just utterly consumed with the idea of us continuing to be absolutely shite.
  10. Sima

    Steve Bruce

    I'd remove Almiron and Lascelles from that list. They're both shite imo.
  11. Sima

    Steve Bruce

    I think we’re struggling to get someone in who has the confidence to get us out of this mess. We could have a QPR 2013 situation where we could go a bit radge with money and a new manager but it could be far too late by that point.
  12. Sima

    Steve Bruce

    Walking out after the match yesterday I overheard some cunt saying how ‘I could go for a pint and chew the fat with Bruce, but as a gaffer? Nah.’ i mean, what the fuck? He was only late 20’s/early 30’s as well.
  13. Just had some cunt come up smoking a cigar with a tea towel on his head with robes on with fake $100 bills in his hand. He walked into Newcastle Tap then came out about 2 minutes later. Overheard someone at the bar say said clown asked him to buy him a drink. Get fucked, you attention-seeking cunt.
  14. So it’s okay for Paddy Power to profit from the current situation but we’re morally repugnant for something that we have zero control over? Riiiigggghhtt…
  15. Sima


    That mackem putting his ‘How to Grandstand by Steve Bruce’ bewk to good use there…
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