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Time for change


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Instead of playing follow the leader with the Chelseas of this world and keep overloading our pay structure with bigger wages and bigger squads which will eventually lead to our demise (unless another Abramovich turns up) why don't we come up with some sort of innovative restructure.


Why do we need a 30 plus players in our squad on massive salaries, some of which play only a handful of games? Now we all know that the ideal scenario would be for the players to be paid a small basic wage and big bonuses for wins as it was in the KK era.  For those who don't remember, at the start of KKs days the players, and KK were paid around £3K a week plus a bonus for winning at home and a much bigger bonus for winning away. Sadly I don't think that many of todays 'gravy train' players would go for that, they want big bucks no matter what their performance or teams results.


So, why not have about 15 or 16 really top players on really top wages who, when fit will make up the first team.  In the event of injuries or suspensions we bring in the Ramages of this world from the reserves. We know that for 2 or 3 games we can get by.  Major injuries like we have experienced with Owen would be dealt with by exception and not by having leeches sitting around just in case.


Players can't play that many games some may say, but how many games has Lampard missed or Given until his recent injury.  Milner could have carried on, the likes of Babyara and Carr would be best done without.  To rest top players as a matter of course as with Benitez is not easy to do, the players get pissed off.  If the first team squad consisted of 15 or 16 players the incentive for the reserves would be massive, plus the fact that by them getting more opportunities they could well develope (or be exposed as not good enough) much quicker.


The savings would be astronomical, the money saved invested in bringing the youger players through, and it would drive out the players who are only here for the money.


Food for thought..........................


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