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  1. Give us some hints plssssssssss I have watched the replay 3 times already =)
  2. Debuchy and Santon are hardly the best defenders in the world, but it's so entertaining to watch a team with them playing as full backs. I AM LUVING IT!!!
  3. i believe it was planned too......they should have saved it for a more important game!!
  4. Jonas and Shola on for Routledge and Nolan respectively if I were Hughton.......
  5. I'm a fan of TF to be honest...good laugh and they tell it like it is. I don't think they have much of an agenda either...after all, it's peoples opinions. SELFPIMPAGE ALERT: Also Alby, check out the site on my Avatar...were generally writing articles that take the piss and hopefully some of the humour isn't lost over the watta. Thanks mate.....the butt on your Avatar is great, and so is the site.....already bookmarked it.
  6. I am thinking about subscribing it.....but it's not cheap (coz I am from Asia). Is anyone here a regular reader of this magazine? Any comments? Are there any better Toon fanzines available for subscription? I used to buy "Match" and "Shoot" regularly when I was young and now I sometimes read "When Saturday Comes".
  7. I know it won't happen, but I really hope that Ranger can start the next game playing alongside Harewood or Shola.
  8. Nice seeing Enrique's gesture to Ranger after he failed to pass the ball back. Hate seeing players blaming their teammates all the time.
  9. http://www.nust.org.uk After months of discussions with interested parties, Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) is launching the 'Yes We Can' Campaign which aims to raise funds to lead a fans buy out at St James' Park. The Trust will be revealing partners over the coming days but has in place a buy out structure led by local firms and renowned names in the financial world. The Trust is mailing out to over 40,000 supporters to ask them if and how they want to buy into the campaign to lead a city-wide bid to buy back the club. There are a number of ways s
  10. Still top of the league but really we should be sitting there more comfortably with a bigger lead.
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