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  1. Anderson


    Aye, I've had this too past week! Ended up with tonsillitis too from it, I think.
  2. Tielemans doing him for goal of the month minutes later!
  3. Wew, some hit from Greenwood.
  4. Aye, proper little dweeb. “My name is Benjamin” too ffs, bad Tory danger.
  5. Anderson

    Steve Bruce

    It’s just a symptom of not having any football people employed at the minute, everything is being managed from afar leading to indecision. Once we get a sporting/football director in everything should be a lot smoother.
  6. On of the best stories in football atm this, a kid from Stoke on Trent tearing it up for Chile.
  7. Sky there with clips from Dyche, Potter, Hasenhuttl all non-pulsed, & even positive (speaking of investment etc), about takeover. Tallies with all the noise coming from the super league lot, and a few of the rest laughing at the irony of it.
  8. Anderson

    Steve Bruce

    This rancid cunt is definitely there Sunday now isn’t he?! Still disappointed the ground never turned properly toxic towards him, that Leeds game was the chance.
  9. Sky going with the Rodger’s story. At least as the #1 choice on our end.
  10. Shit man, hope he gets well soon!
  11. I could see Rodger’s fancying it, especially if new owners sell him on their plans. He’s probably at that point now where currently he can leave and be viewed as a massive success, but the longer he stays how much further can he take them? Missing out on top 4 last 2 years must really have stung. Massive task to replace Vardy just round the corner too. Again if our lot convince him of their plans, probably makes taking that next step with Leicester even more difficult - double whammy.
  12. Just read Wenger has ties with the Saudis, bring him in on a short term deal!
  13. Anderson

    Steve Bruce

    of course they fucking do! Beginning to hope the delay is because they’re building their case for gross misconduct. Absolutely grim this cunt is due a £8m pay off.
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