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  1. Anderson

    Jacob Murphy

    Get a statue of that wave on the Gallowgate.
  2. Up to second if we Saturday.
  3. Wood out and someone who can play wide and provide cover centrally makes sense. Can’t see us letting him go atm without someone coming in.
  4. Not really spoilers, but putting it in them just in case re: what's due to be covered versus the game:
  5. Can't just be a rogue message, someone's changed someone's ringtone or something. Mental they've not got rid of it.
  6. TLoU ep 1 was class, Pedro Pascal's perfect casting, seem to have nailed the world too. Anxiety-inducing at times despite the fact I know every single story beat. Gutted it's not dropped all at once, could happily binge a full season of it.
  7. Anderson

    Fabian Schär

    Aye, my MotM today, superb.
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